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Building robust, multi-tenant Software-as-a-Service applications is our specialty. Looking for the perfect SaaS development company? You’ve come to the right place. We know how to make your next app a huge success!

Game-changing SaaS development for startups

Web-based applications have totally disrupted on-premise solutions and become an essential part of how modern companies work. The journey of digital transformation starts with the idea for a perfect software as a service solution. This is where iTechArt comes in as your go-to SaaS development team:

saas_for_startups saas_for_startups
SaaS for startups Starting with an MVP is a safe bet. We’ll be there to process early adopters’ feedback and grow your solution into a full-blown product.
SaaS app development With more than 20 SaaS projects completed and counting, we take over end-to-end development to spare you the complexities.
Saas app development for enterprise Saas for enterprise
SaaS for enterprise No matter what platform you select for your next app, we make sure your solution will be easily scalable and increasingly user-friendly.

SaaS development services with the “wow” factor

Here at iTechArt, we have 200+ tech geeks ready to take your product or solution from ideation to “next big thing.”

Our engineers are damn good at knowing exactly what it takes to deliver a final solution that will impress your target audience. Here are some of the areas where the iTechArt dedicated team excels.

Application design and development

We help create application architecture from the ground up with scalability and security in mind. Our technically hip designers and developers take your original idea and get the ball rolling.

Solution maintenance and optimization

Looking for ways to maintain your application or want to add some ground-breaking features? We meet all your expectations and will make sure your solution stays optimized throughout its lifecycle.

Migration and integration

Feel the need to migrate your app on a new and more efficient stack? No problem. We’ll set you up and put your solution to work. If you need to integrate a SaaS product with existing ERPs or third-party software, we’ve also got you covered.

Solution testing

Fault tolerant performance is key to the success of your app. The iTechArt team can provide testing, test automation, and manual testing to ensure stable and error free operation.

SaaS product development for your industry

We make sure your application will be easily scalable and increasingly user-friendly to your specific industry and target audience. We have over 150+ active clients across many different verticals, including the following:

Software as a service development healthtech
software as a sevice developmtn Finance
 Software-as-a-service for Real_Estate
Real Estate

Our SaaS development workflow rock
and rolls from requirements to release

Whether you’re looking to create an application for B2B, B2C, or both, the iTechArt team is here to guide you through all development stages...from clearly understanding and defining requirements to investigation, estimation, testing and finally, a successful release.

taming taming_hover taming_active bi_arrow
project scope
Saas app development developing_hover developing_active bi_arrow
visualising visualising_hover visualising_active bi_arrow
UI/UX design
testing testing_hover testing_active bi_arrow bi_arrow
developing developing_hover developing_active bi_arrow
Testing STEP#6
visualising visualising_hover visualising_active bi_arrow
Verification STEP#5
optimizing optimizing_hover optimizing_active
Release and
further support
STEP#1Identifying project scope To lay the foundation of your future success, we need to make sure we are on the same page when it comes to your vision of a SaaS product. Your requirements are the hints that will help you stay ahead of the tech curve while building the next big thing. STEP#2Platform evaluation Having a clear picture of your needs and expectations will help us map the right SaaS application architecture along with a battle-tested technology stack that will ensure top-of-the-line performance and scalability. STEP#3Feature-rich UI/UX design After deciding on must-have features and platform capabilities, our dedicated team will help you visualize the end-to-end user experience. With a deep understanding of user-centered design, we envision how users will experience your solution and bring that vision to life. STEP#4Solution implementation Writing beautiful code that works is our forte. We will help you build an end-to-end Software-as-a-service solution from the ground up, puting security, scalability at the forefront of your application. STEP#5Verification The iTechArt team is here whenever you feel the need to add value to your platform. Be it an API development, 3rd party system integration, or new feature set implementation - we put your SaaS solution to work. STEP#6Testing We perfect the building of awesome and high quality applications. Rest assured that you can place application usability and stable performance on our shoulders. STEP#7Release and further support We never stop making improvements. The iTechArt team is there when you need us, whether it’s to closely watch stable application performance or enhance your SaaS solution with a set of new cool features.

Why iTechArt's app development services?

80% of our engineers are senior level and are constantly honing their talents on various projects. When it comes to choosing the perfect technology stack for SaaS application development, be it .NET, Java, PHP or any other framework that is suited for your product, be sure you’re in safe hands.

These are just a few of the technologies we use to deliver products and applications that users love.

Ruby on Rails
Windows Azure
Amazon AWS

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