Our partnerships

Through strategic relationships with tech leaders and market makers, we double down on our promise to bring you the widest software perspective and realize the most unique ambitions.

This is how we found our perfect matches

We work with a trusted, selected group of like-minded peers to co-create transformational services and products that position clients to meet the toughest challenges of the business world.

Impact of community coherence
All members of our ever-growing network feel a strong sense of belonging to the community and join forces for the common cause. So, the more we share, the more value you get.
Thinking big, going far
We partner with ones who have planted their flags on the planet called Disruption. We're driven by the pioneering spirit and are always ready to pursue new beginnings and take smart risks.
Power of diversity
We're relentless in our desire to diversify our offering. Today, when companies need more advanced technologies, greater creativity, cloud, or digital transformation (or all at once), our team always has their back.

Forming global alliances with the world's best tech players

The success of our partnerships is based upon a formula E = mc2. We take the market expertise and cutting-edge innovation of two powerhouses, square it, and get the excellence that benefits iTechArt's clients of all sizes and domains.

By siding with the AWS Partner Network, we made AWS our most mighty ally for customer-focused cloud migration and deployment, DevOps, native cloud applications, and big data solutions.
The status of a Salesforce Consulting Partner allows iTechArt to effectively address Salesforce needs across consulting, customization, custom development, integration, user training, audit, solution design, and digital transformation.
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Google Cloud
If you're looking for a trusted company that can help you move to, build, and work in the cloud, don't waste time googling it; you've found us! iTechArt is partnering with Google Cloud Platform to make your digital transformation as smooth as a cloud: from consulting and modernizing infrastructure to cloud-native application development and API platform engineering.
Having confirmed our Microsoft Gold Partnership, the highest level of recognition offered by the computer technology giant, we raised the bar even higher for cloud-first and easy-to-deploy applications and data analytics software.
Today, the cloud plays a starring role in elevating the customer experience; so, we eagerly joined the cast of Oracle partners. Oracle Cloud infrastructure empowers us to help forward-looking businesses accelerate the transition to the cloud as well as benefit from data-driven innovation and deeper experiences with digital trust.
We've cooperated with Stripe to boost our expertise in Stripe Connect, Billing, Stripe Payments, and Stripe Terminal. This allows us to build seamless Stripe integrations resulting in uninterrupted payments and billing processes, better conversion rates, and significant sales increase.
The union with MongoDB — the fastest growing database ecosystem in the world — gives us the opportunity to offer a whole new class of system integrations resulting in increased performance, availability, and scalability.
Our team provides robust DocuSign and Salesforce integrations that ensure smooth work of the connected systems and allow implementing e-signature for the requested documents within Salesforce.
Partnering with the global fintech enablement platform Hydrogen, we'll help you fast-forward through daunting implementation stages and get a market-ready financial solution, with a special focus on investing analytics, financial wellness, risk scoring, and insurance analytics, to name a few.

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