Barchart: Arming finance professionals with real-time and predictive data

Barchart is the leading provider of intraday stock and commodities real-time or delayed charts with powerful indicators and technical analysis.


Barchart was looking for extra engineering talent to join their in-house team. Seeking to stand out from competitors and attract new members, the company needed a partner with the relevant niche expertise to nail the three ambitious sub-projects:

  • Revamping of the main web solution
  • Supporting the existing and adding new functionality to the Commodity View trading platform
  • Develop a solution that would sustain ever-increasing workload and demonstrate a high level of performance


As the solution includes multiple standalone services, iTechArt's team was expected to leverage its versatile software development expertise to the full extent. The initial objectives have been successfully met in the following ways:

  • Our full-stack frontend team actively participated in the UI development of the core website along with the backend of the Tools tab. The latter offers rich customization opportunities for a user, such as the ability to follow statistics, subscribe to real-time updates, add your own lists, etc.
  • Commodity View gives access to global exchange data, physical commodity prices, and advanced charting, which helps users make informed, analytical decisions. We were responsible for the solution’s full frontend support, security revision and optimization of the active components as well as the development of multiple new components, panels, and charts.


  • The team optimized and scaled the existing feature-rich web interface and made it more user-friendly by performing its complete redesign.
  • The current API fails to process a huge amount of data and can’t be significantly extended, as there were huge data-transmission delays across servers due to a heavy workload.
    We managed to solve these problems by developing the Historical Server API that easily managed the heavy workload and definitely stroke a crucial cost-performance balance.
  • During the project, we chose DynamoDB over a distributed database which allowed us to save much more data. Apart from that, iTechArt engineers added bid/ask messages on numerous users’ requests.

At the present moment, the solution is in the pre-product phase. It is planned to use a few API endpoints for other sub-systems.

Engaged in a long-term collaboration, iTechArt’s team continues to develop additional functionality for the Client and fine-tune the product based on the users’ feedback.


  • JavaScript
  • ES6
  • Bootstrap
  • AngularJS
  • Laravel
  • Redis
  • Java
  • DynamoDB

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