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Although Community Brands — a leading provider of cloud-based software for nonprofits and K-12 schools — was already a decade-long Salesforce user, the system’s maturity wasn’t quite on par with that of the company. Eager to expand the functionality of their CRM, the company sought our help in enhancing the experience for 100,000+ users in 30 countries.

Upon thorough analysis of the Community Brands Salesforce environment, we began to customize school and parent portals. Among other tasks, we set up lists with annual deadlines for students and schools, developed automatic email notifications, and created a settings system for transaction verification and budget management — all to help the client improve operations and increase financial transparency.


To refine the user management process and increase security, our team created a custom Lightning component that streamlines user registration and accurately identifies enrollment time. In addition, we integrated Conga Composer and Skuid to improve data integrity and simplify document workflow.


Community Brand has been able to triple its clients’ productivity via Salesforce — what used to take days now takes minutes. Thanks to our partnership, 1,800+ active education institutions around the globe are able to deliver much faster, smarter, and more personalized customer service.



  • Sales Cloud
  • Experience Cloud
  • Apex
  • LWC
  • Asynchronous Apex
  • Apex Triggers

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