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About Doctors Without Borders

Since its founding nearly 50 years ago, healthcare non-profit Doctors Without Borders has experienced phenomenal growth, expanding its presence to over 70 countries.

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Project description

Historically, Doctors Without Borders used multiple Salesforce systems to manage their global operation, but this ultimately led to decentralization and lots of disconnected data. Facing the challenge head on, they wanted a partner with highly specialized non-profit expertise that could help them merge multiple CRMs into one powerful solution — and iTechArt made the cut.

Once the team was in place, we quickly centralized all Salesforce instances, allowing employees to manage all of their tasks with a single app, from anywhere in the world. Doing so also improved data retrieval, thanks to trimming down duplicates and outdated registries.

To future-proof the new system, our team solved a number of pre-existing security issues, revamping access control and record management systems as well as enhancing the platform’s overall stability through the latest Salesforce APIs.


Through our work together, the client managed to eliminate their many CRM silos and increase productivity and collaboration across 65,000 employees globally — all in less than four weeks.

Since then, we’ve continued our work together, fine-tuning their system and making monthly updates.

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Tools & technologies



  • Apex
  • LWC
  • Web to Lead Forms


  • Sales Cloud
  • Nonprofit Success Pack

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