Genomic Prediction: Empowering future parents with genetic testing

Genomic Prediction is the world's leading clinical laboratory, providing parents with genome testing of embryos to reduce the risk of potential diseases and increase the chances of IVF success.

Genomic predictions_case_updated-03.pngChallenge

To provide customers with advanced genomic testing, Genomic Prediction wanted to build a number of interconnected, powerful web platforms. The company turned to iTechArt to perform the following tasks:

  • Build a web portal for users that contains the full description of available services;
  • Develop a platform for storing and analyzing genetic data;
  • Create a web solution to handle DNA testing requests and provide clients with their genetic reports.


As the Client's main development power, iTechArt's team covered up the major tech issues for Genomic Prediction's projects. The outcomes of our successful collaboration are as follows:

  • Built a platform to store, organize, and handle data about diseases that are more commonly spread in particular ethnic groups;
  • Incorporated a robust data storage portal with other GP platforms as the core data source;
  • Set up an intuitive, client-centric platform for outlining Genomic Prediction's services and embryo preimplantation genetic tests;

Genomic predictions_case_updated-05.png

  • Added a Scientific Details page to visualize complex genetic data;
  • Enhanced the frontend part of the solutions by implementing clearer and more logical structure of the pages’ layout and a multitude of UI elements, such as solution controls, pre-loaders, snack bars, etc.;
  • Integrated Google Maps to show the nearest DNA testing center;
  • Developed an internal web portal for the clinical laboratory to collect and analyze patients' genomic data.

To date, we continue our collaboration to scale up and evolve the Client's project.


  • Node.js
  • Python
  • MySQL
  • JavaScript
  • React
  • Redux
  • Redux saga
  • Redux thunk
  • Redux sauce
  • i18n
  • HTML
  • Canvas
  • SVG
  • CSS
  • CSS Modules
  • SCSS
Other technologies
  • PDFKit

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