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About GiG

A global leader in iGaming, Gaming Innovation Group's business was booming, rendering its infrastructure outdated and in need of a reboot.

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Salesforce products implemented from scratch
Increase in speed to lead

Project description

Despite specializing in innovative digital solutions in the iGaming space, it wasn’t that long ago that Gaming Innovation Group was drowning in multiple Google Docs and Forms trying to manage tens of thousands of leads. The company turned to iTechArt’s Salesforce consultants for a clear understanding of how to reduce and automate document flow while updating their existing Salesforce CRM.

After just a few meetings with GiG, we rolled out an initial plan for automating GiG’s workflow via Quip and Salesforce Surveys implementation. Next, we trimmed the amount of time spent on basic operations — filling out forms, gathering account details — by 30% and fully automated Google Form submission, collection, and analysis.

Encouraged by the results, our team moved to the second phase of the project: Pardot-powered marketing automation to track form submissions and email campaigns with 360-degree visibility for all stakeholders. Upon the Pardot implementation, we arranged comprehensive user training to increase adoption and retention.

Currently, the third phase of our cooperation — Jira integration with Salesforce CRM for automated project management and task sharing — is underway with no signs of slowing down


The implementation of additional Salesforce products empowered GiG to work smarter, considerably reducing manual mistakes and increasing average speed-to-lead by 50%.

To date, our team has continued to help the client deploy automation across the entire company, delivering game-changing user experiences to 400 employees and millions of GiG clients around the globe.

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Tools & technologies



  • Apex Triggers
  • Process Builder
  • Lightning Flows
  • Lightning record pages
  • Html/CSS

Salesforce products

  • Pardot
  • Surveys
  • Quip

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