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About GovOS

Built on the premise that digital government is not about innovation for its own sake, GovOS is focused on implementing new technologies to continuously improve citizen services.

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Project description

Initially, GovOS approached iTechArt requesting a 2.0 version of their already-solid e-signature and form automation platform; rising to the challenge, we equipped them with a dedicated team of senior Scala, PHP, and QA engineers within just a few days.

We started off by streamlining electronic document workflows and building new e-signature and form generation systems, which reduced organizational friction and made interactions with customers truly, well, seamless!

To increase the adoption of public e-payment services, we developed a full-fledged payment system that can be integrated with all major payment providers. As automation is critical for digital transformation, our team also introduced automatic emailing, tagging, approvals, and user assignment.


What we did with GovOS didn’t go unnoticed; in 2020, they were acquired by Kofile, the #1 provider of information management solutions for government agencies in the US. Today, our platform powers 2,700+ local and state agencies across the country, allowing millions of citizens to submit online forms from literally any browser or device.

Our team has continued to fine-tune the platform, helping the client ensure their offering keeps pace with an increasingly tech-savvy population.

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Tools & technologies



  • Express
  • PHP
  • Scala
  • Enzyme
  • Java
  • Spring
  • Akka Streams
  • PostgreSQL
  • Slick
  • Node


  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • PostCSS
  • React
  • Flow
  • Redux
  • RxJS
  • Material-UI
  • jQuery

Other technologies

  • Auth0
  • Google Cloud API
  • Datadog
  • Kubernetes
  • Docker
  • Jenkins CI
  • Lambda
  • Apache ORC
  • Athena
  • Fargate
  • Aurora Serverless
  • ELK

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