Hydrogen: Integrating financial components into modern business

Hydrogen is a global SaaS platform that makes it possible to integrate financial components into any business quickly and easily.


Fintech has gained traction among both innovative startups and incumbents, so Hydrogen faced a growing demand for its all-purpose financial applications. Since fintechs dominate iTechArt's portfolio, and the company has tons of related development expertise, Hydrogen chose us to drive financial innovation and speed up releasing timely and efficient fintech products for white label companies.

iTechArt's team was to develop rich, user-friendly, and high-performing solutions based upon Hydrogen's APIs.


iTechArt's team has introduced a comprehensive kit of UI components and functional improvements for Hydrogen's four web and three mobile (iOS and Android) applications, including:

  • User area for tracking income, expenses, and net profit; managing budget and user accounts
  • User surveys with multiple-choice questions, allowing tailored recommendations regarding investments based upon the submitted answers
  • UI development involved creating a modern and responsive design with animated graphs and charts to depict the dynamic predictions of savings, payments, interest on deposits, and other financial indicators
  • Mobile development using React Native, i.e. security solutions with biometric authentication for password management and secure financial transactions using Face ID and Touch ID


  • Integration with Plaid, Yodlee, Saltedge, MX, and other third-party services for online payment transactions, via REST API
  • Document generation for E-sign to streamline document management
  • Integration with Adobe Sign to automate the process of providing e-signature
  • Language localization of the app into the English, Chinese, and Russian languages; localization of the date and time formats
  • Improved the solution performance by means of clusterization and caching

Since iTechArt and Hydrogen were mutually satisfied with the project progress and shared the same vision for the digitized global financial system, we formed a partnership to ensure scalable yet accessible development of financial apps for millions of the underserved businesses across banking, wellness, wealth, insurance, blockchain, and other areas.


  • React-Native
  • Redux
  • Redux-Saga
  • Express.js
  • Sendgrid
  • Joi
  • Redis
  • Kubernetes
  • Jenkins
  • React
  • Redux
  • Redux-Saga
  • Redux-Form
  • Bootstrap
  • C3JS
  • SCSS
  • React-JSS
  • Webpack
  • Plaid
  • Yodlee
  • Saltedge
  • MX
  • Adobe Sign

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