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About Unlimint

Launched back in 2009 as CardPay, Unlimint, a leading provider of next-gen financial interfaces, now has a portfolio of 1,500 alternative payment methods supervised by teams distributed across 14 offices and four continents.

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Project description

Like many companies with a dispersed geographic footprint, Unlimint was facing inconsistent internal communication and countless organizational silos. Looking to push the limits of their existing infrastructure, they selected Salesforce to unify their highly fragmented operations into a single platform.

Since Unlimint’s team had no previous experience with Salesforce, they joined forces with iTechArt to ensure a smooth rollout of the solution. Our first major step was to centralize the company’s merchant onboarding process, which helped Unlimint increase employee efficiency and foster company-wide transparency.

Next, we automated marketing reports using Pardot to unlock powerful analytics and provide greater visibility into ongoing projects. We also played a crucial role in the development of a client risk calculator, allowing Unlimint to detect high-risk customers and therefore avoid liability and reputational risks.

Owing to such a stable foundation, the company quickly switched to 100% remote delivery in the wake of the pandemic and managed to find new growth even in a time of crisis.


No longer limited by its legacy platforms, Unlimint is well-poised to provide users with better and faster service, with the entire merchant onboarding process now taking, on average, three days as opposed to weeks or months. And in 2021, the company launched B2B cards and payment solutions for the gaming industry, opening up new revenue streams and enhancing business agility.

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Tools & technologies


Salesforce products

  • Customer 360 Platform
  • Sales Cloud
  • Pardot


  • Salesforce Rest API
  • Process Builder
  • Asynchronous Apex
  • Apex
  • LWC
  • Flows

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