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Usercentrics enables businesses to achieve full compliance with global privacy regulations by seamlessly collecting, managing, and documenting user consent on websites and apps.

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Usercentrics, the world’s #1 consent management platform (CMP) that makes using cookies and tracking technologies more transparent, is anything but cookie-cutter in their approach to compliance. This German-based startup builds innovative, data-driven solutions that help businesses place user consent and privacy at the center of each strategic decision. Ever since GDPR came into effect in 2018, Usercentrics has been steadily growing and needed a trusted partner to better support over a million client websites — and that’s when iTechArt came in.

In just two weeks — up to six times faster than local providers — two of our engineers joined Usercentric’s in-house team to implement a streamlined billing workflow. As a next step, we set up automated rules that enabled users to upgrade subscriptions in line with increasing website traffic, which, in turn, opened up new monetization opportunities for Usercentrics.

Another core aspect of our work was to elevate one of the company’s major products, the DPS Scanner. This smart tool monitors data collection on a website or app 24/7, giving businesses full visibility into what data is sent to what third parties and updating the CMP accordingly.

Additionally, our team built a browser extension allowing authorized third parties to run in the background without extra permission requests — all to improve the system’s overall usability and enforce end-user privacy preferences.


In less than two years, Usercentrics has grown our team five fold while entrusting us to develop multiple new features, many of which were outside the original briefing scope. Our robust partnership resulted in more resilient and competitive solutions — better suited to handle more than 61 million user consents daily for the likes of T-Mobile, Hermes, and Daimler.


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