Zefr: Pairing audiences with targeted video advertising

Zefr is the leading video advertising company enabling brands to run targeted ad campaigns, as well as monetize and protect content on key social media platforms.


To keep up with the increased number of users and workload, Zefr was looking for a brilliant engineering team that could blend with the onsite one. The Client turned to iTechArt to improve the existing Rights Management system, create a robust solution from scratch, and optimize it according to constantly shifting business and customers’ needs.


Vobile Group, which is a market powerhouse dealing with online video content protection and monetization, acquired Zefr in November 2019, so iTechArt’s team was entrusted to develop a new, more efficient Channel Management system from scratch. Here’s what we’ve managed to achieve:

  • Built from scratch a Facebook Channel Management system that allows the company to take control of content protected by intellectual property and copyright laws
  • Integrated the existing YouTube Channel Management system into the new solution, thus getting rid of the old legacy system
  • Wrote a custom script to transfer a huge database from the existing legacy application to a new one
  • Migrated to microservices to handle the increased number of clients and workload
  • Upgraded the previous version of the Rights Management System to make it more user-friendly, functional, and robust
  • Added the Elasticsearch component to streamline the search among the vast number of copyrighted materials
  • Implemented test automation to ensure smooth system performance



  • Python 3
  • Flask
  • Kafka
  • Neo4j
  • PostgreSQL
  • Redis
  • JavaScript
  • ReactJS
  • Redux
  • Redux Form
  • Node.js
  • Express

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