СlassPass is a membership program for fitness classes across multiple gyms and studios, making working out more accessible.


ClassPass were looking to extend their existing team with a bunch of top-notch devs as the scope of work exceeded the number of resources they were able to hire locally.


We created a dedicated squad packed with senior-level talent and seamlessly integrated with the onsite team to accelerate the development of feature-rich web solutions as well as iOS and Android native mobile apps. Additionally, the iTechArt team set up a CI/CD pipeline for internal services coupled with DevOps best practices that insured a smooth running web application.


Frontend: AngularJS, Gulp, SASS/LESS, Bootstrap, Bower
Backend: Python/Django, Pyramid, Celery, PostgreSQL
Mobile: Swift, MapKit, UIKit, Foundation, CoreData Framework, AFNetworking, Mantle, RxJava
QA tools: Mixpanel, Stripe, Fabric, Zeplin
DevOps tools: AWS, OpsWorks, Docker, ECS, TravisCI


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