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Dialogue is an online platform that provides healthcare services for employers to keep staff members healthy.


Dialogue needed a reliable partner with solid backend expertise and proficiency in DevOps to augment its team.


  • Developed a "virtual clinic" solution that allows separating patients based upon different criteria while managing their data within a single physical infrastructure
  • Automated patient management through a custom Filedrop solution that allows for a seamless upload of eligible members' data to the Dialogue solution
  • Took active part in the development of a virtual intake solution that simplifies the process of preliminary screening via a chatbot
  • Customized the platform to allow for deploying of white-label solutions for larger clients
  • Assisted in preparing the platform for SOC 2 certification, ensuring its security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy


Apart from that, the iTechArt DevOps team has been working to accelerate the product development cycle. Particularly, the team performed the following scope of work:

  • Deployed a multi-account AWS environment aligned with the AWS best practices to provide granular, centralized control over cloud workloads, with a consistent level of security and compliance across all accounts
  • Deployed a scalable, highly available, and fault-tolerant infrastructure based upon Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service to orchestrate numerous containerized microservices
  • Improved CI/CD process for serverless and containerized microservices by introducing various types of automated testing to ensure that any issues with new builds can be promptly analyzed and addressed

  • Established Infrastructure as Code (IaC) strategy using Terraform and Terragrunt tools to spin up the AWS resources in an automatic, consistent, and predictable way
  • Created AWS infrastructure-monitoring system with Datadog that provides visibility into the health and performance of microservices, identifying potential problems before they escalate
  • Developed and deployed numerous microservices using AWS Lambda that, in conjunction with S3, DynamoDB, Kinesis, SNS, CloudFront, and API Gateway, ensure real-time data and file processing, as well as seamless data dispatch and transformation into a readable format



  • React
  • Angular
  • Python 3.7+
  • Flask
  • Pyramid
  • SQLAlchemy
  • PostgreSQL
  • React Native
  • Java
  • Kotlin
DevOps tools
  • DataDog
  • Amazon EKS
  • Amazon
  • Lambda
  • CircleCI
  • Terraform
  • Terragrunt
  • Serverless Framework
  • Docker
AWS tools
  • AutoScaling
  • EC2
  • RDS Postgres
  • S3
  • ElastiCache Redis
  • ECS
  • EKS
  • ECR
  • Lambda
  • Route 53
  • CloudFront
  • ELB / Application load balancer
  • AWS Certificate Manager
  • SNS

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