forex (Gain Capital) provides exceptional liquidity and service to trade global markets.

Challenge (GAIN Capital) looked for a long-term partner with strong trading domain expertise and outstanding skills in iOS development.


After we gained their total trust by creation of a disruptive iOS app, they asked us to develop Android, iPad and desktop apps, implement core trading platform backend and build a QA automation process for them. Six years of successful partnership resulted into a number of great products not only for GAIN Capital but for one of its acquisitions as well - City Index, whose team we power too.


Frontend: Angular, Knockout.js, Highchart/Highstock
Backend: .NET, ASP.NET MVC, Lightstreamer, SignalR
Mobile: CoreData Framework, AFNetworking, CocoaPods, Moya, Alamofire, Result Framework
QA tools: Selenium WebDriver, Microsoft SQL Server, WCF Test Client ,TestFlight, XCode, Confluence
Salesforce:, APEX, JavaScript

Rekhender Dhawan
Rekhender Dhawan
VP, Head of Trading Platforms Development (Gain Capital) (Gain Capital) has been working with iTechArt since 2010. At first, starting with a small team of developers mainly focused on mobile applications. Our successes have allowed us to understand just how professional and trustworthy our partnership with iTechArt has become.

Therefore we augmented other teams several times and now we have many of their skilled engineers helping us with web, desktop, mobile development and quality assurance.

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