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Challenge (GAIN Capital) needed a trusted, long-term partner with outstanding skills in the following three areas: web and mobile app development, QA and testing, and Salesforce. A strong trading domain expertise was also required.

iTechArt’s team stepped in to nail these crucial tasks:

  • Core web and mobile solutions development
  • Test automation integration
  • Development and support of an extensive solution, leveraging Salesforce best practices


First, iTechArt set up a mobile team capable of following the project scope and priorities. Throughout this stage, we introduced native iOS and Android solutions.

Totally satisfied with our work, the Client re-engaged us for a range of web development challenges from both a backend and frontend perspective.

To ensure stable performance, iTechArt’s QA engineers conducted several rounds of test automation (smoke, regression and web service tests) saving 64 days of testing per release.

As for our Salesforce activities, we embraced a variety of mission-critical tasks such as:

  • Optimizing DB structure, refactoring and enhancement of the existing system
  • Initial deployment of Salesforce strategy and a series of integrations with payment and electronic signature systems

All in all, eight years of successful partnership resulted in a number of great products not only for GAIN Capital, but also for one of its acquisitions as well - City Index, whose team we power too.


Frontend: Angular, Knockout.js, Highchart/Highstock
Backend: .NET, ASP.NET MVC, Lightstreamer, SignalR
Mobile: CoreData Framework, AFNetworking, CocoaPods, Moya, Alamofire, Result Framework
QA tools: Selenium WebDriver, Microsoft SQL Server, WCF Test Client ,TestFlight, XCode
Salesforce:, APEX, JavaScript

Rekhender Dhawan
Rekhender Dhawan
VP, Head of Trading Platforms Development (Gain Capital) (Gain Capital) has been working with iTechArt since 2010. At first, starting with a small team of developers mainly focused on mobile applications. Our successes have allowed us to understand just how professional and trustworthy our partnership with iTechArt has become.

Therefore we augmented other teams several times and now we have many of their skilled engineers helping us with web, desktop, mobile development and quality assurance.

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