Freshly is a ready-made meal subscription service focused on bringing high-quality, professionally-prepared, and healthy food right to people’s doorsteps. web_freshly


Trying to catch up with an ever-shifting food model, Freshly needed a reliable partner to professionally execute their new vision. Already familiar with a high level of iTechArt’s software development services, Freshly teamed up with us to overcome a number of web-related challenges:

  1. Upgrade checkout flow, including the development of all key subscription sales funnel components
  2. Modernize the Wordpress-based solution
  3. Develop an intuitive and responsive user interface for a core web application
  4. Automate the mobile testing process


iTechArt has scaled the team from six to ten engineers who are responsible for the following tasks:

  1. Assistance with development and support of a Wordpress-based website now and a single page application later. The latter encompasses delivering a persuasive and highly likely-to-convert interface for the checkout page.
  2. UI development using Backbone.js and Marionette to freshen up the overall look of the application and increase user loyalty.
  3. Migration of the SPA to a Rails-based application, which dramatically increased website loading speed. Ruby on Rails made it possible to create admin forms with a single tag instead of countless lines of code.
  4. We also managed to migrate massive amounts of data to a custom PostgreSQL database, thereby facilitating a smooth transition from one system to another.
  5. Payment systems integration (Stripe, Braintree) and subscribers’ experience optimization, including running multiple A/B tests of the user interface. This guaranteed a better conversion rate and significant sales increase.
  6. System transition from monolithic application to a microservices-based architecture on the cloud platform.

To date, iTechArt continues to strengthen our relationship with the client. We are proud to be helping Freshly rack up daily five-star user reviews by improving the solution and adding even more relevant features.


Frontend: Angular, Backbone.js + Marionette, Bootstrap, React
Backend: Ruby on Rails, Redis, PHP, PostgreSQL, Wordpress
QA: Cypress
Platforms: Heroku, GCP
Integrations: Stripe, Braintree,, Amplitude


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