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Triplay is a premier cloud services company, enabling users worldwide to easily access, manage, share and enjoy their music, photos and videos.


Triplay needed a partner with an in-depth business intelligence expertise, who would start adding value right after the kick-off.


Being extremely satisfied with our contribution to business intelligence area, Triplay shortly decided to delegate Java development to iTechArt team as well. We also delivered two innovative mobile solutions - MyDigipack and MyMusicCloud.


Tools & Technologies: Java EE, JavaScript, Spring, Hibernate, JAX-WS, Apache Tomcat, Oracle RDBMS, AWS, Pentaho, JDBC, Maven, Algolia, Elasticsearch, Hazelcast, AngularJS, Node.js, Braintree, SendGrid, Localytics, Apache Server, TeamCity CI
Mobile: Windows Universal (Windows/Windows Phone 8.1 (RT), WPF, PRISM, MVVM, Unity, ReSharper

iTechArt has been there for us since 2012. They always were a partner, not just a vendor and made us feel they have our back.

We always found the right resource to fill the blank when we had it, we still do, and get good output that’s collaborative with the rest of our local as well as remote teams. They work to minimize the geographic gap and do a great job in that.

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