Turvo is a real-time collaborative logistics platform that enables shippers, brokers and carriers to move things faster and more efficiently.


Turvo was looking for a rock star dev team to revamp and enhance their web and mobile applications with cool new features.


iTechArt team helped Turvo rewrite their web application front-end. Because they were so happy with the quality of the front-end work we did, they hired a few of our back-end developers and mobile engineers to create feature-rich iOS and Android apps.


Backend technologies: Java 8, Mongo, Redis, Docker, Maven
Map services: Google maps, Here maps, Mapbox, Graphhopper
Frontend technologies: AngularJS, CoffeeScript, UI Grid, UI Bootstrap, Vert.x event bus, D3.js, Gulp, SCSS
Android: Google Play Services, RxJava, Dagger, Retrofit, Okhttp, Room, AutoValue
iOS: Swift 4, RxSwift, Moya, Google Maps, Realm, Material, Lottie


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