VestWell offers a turnkey solution that helps advisors, companies and employees choose the right investment strategy for retirement.


As their client based was rapidly growing, VestWell needed to fill in a few staffing gaps with brilliant engineers capable of turning the platform into a fully scalable solution, while integrating it with 3rd party systems. Several new business-critical features were also required.


Back-end and front-end optimization coupled with new features and modules allowed the client to automate time-consuming manual processes. Successful platform integration with other systems made it possible to reduce the overall load on the internal team and deliver important features to current users. The delivered enhancements allowed VestWell to grow a large audience of new clients and provide them with fast and reliable service.


Backend-Backend (Scala): Scala, AKKA, AKKA-http, Spray, Slick, Swagger, ScalaTest
Frontend-Backend (Node): Node.js, Restify, Webpack, Sequelize
Frontend: React, Redux, Semantic UI
Other: PostgreSQL, Docker, Jenkins


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