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Vestwell: Simplifying the process of retirement planning

Vestwell is a game-changing platform for advisors, employers, and employees that re-imagines the way retirement plans are handled.


Having created an MVP of a retirement-planning platform and earned the first loyal clients, Vestwell teamed up with iTechArt to empower its in-house team. The initial task list included:

  • Measure and improve code quality
  • Integrate the existing platform with third-party systems
  • Implement business-critical features
  • Build three different platforms for companies, employees, and Vestwell's operational team

After several years in business, Vestwell decided to make a big leap and tasked iTechArt's team with developing a turnkey 401(k) platform.


The most significant project achievement was building a profound and scalable solution. This one was made up of multiple smaller successes:

  • Automated core business processes performed by Vestwell's operational team
  • Integrated third-party HR/Payroll systems, including Namely, Gusto, and Justworks, for direct file export
  • Leveraged the framework to allow third-party integrations with minimum developer engagement
  • Developed a parallel integration with the Voya Financial platform


  • Built a separate solution for employers to simplify the process of a 401(k) plan offering
  • Created a participant platform to provide employees with a transparent retirement plan
  • Established an admin portal to help the ops team control all the tasks within the system
  • Boosted the frontend solution by implementing a new user-friendly design
  • Rolled out a Vestwell 2.0 solution unifying recordkeeping system and traditional 401(k) portal
  • Set up a workflow to identify the content type and automatically send it to the corresponding system


  • Scala
  • AKKA
  • AKKA-Http
  • Akka-Streams
  • Slick
  • Swagger
  • ScalaTest
  • Node.js
  • Restify
  • Sequalize
  • React
  • Redux
  • Semantic UI
  • PostgreSQL
  • Docker
  • Jenkins

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