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Salesforce Marketing Cloud offers a wealth of functionality out of the box, but it may not be a one-size-fits-all solution that will get you going right away. We help our clients to properly customize its key features and add crucial workflow automation for extra performance and productivity.
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Marketing Cloud in a nutshell

This is a powerful marketing automation platform that offers a variety of tools for omnichannel operations.

An important element of the Salesforce ecosystem, it can be easily integrated with other Salesforce products and third-party solutions to deliver solid value and new efficiencies to marketing teams, campaign owners, and business executives.

Benefits for your business

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is the CRM of choice for companies looking to achieve the following:

  • Widening of the marketing funnel
  • Boosting productivity and conversion
  • Better visibility of campaigns
  • Improved KPI/OKR tracking
  • Fully customizable customer journeys
  • Best-in-class email marketing tools
  • Built-in data analytics and forecasting
Perfect for MarkOps adopters
Every tool you need for ABM implementation
A great companion for the Sales Cloud
Trusted by top Fortune 500 companies
Build lasting customer relations

Features that will mean the world to you

Marketing Cloud is a multi-component platform with a tool for every role on your marketing team. Based on the data-first approach, it covers the entire range of activities required for orchestrating multiple concurrent campaigns: from defining audiences and managing tailored content to building an elaborate pipeline of customer interactions through various channels and drawing valuable insights from campaign results.
Advertising Studio
Set up your target groups and cohorts. Create highly targeted ads for a broad range of channels. Make new connections and reconnect with old ones. Adjust your campaigns on the go for better alignment with the sales team.
Mobile Studio
Reach out to your customers on the go using a powerful mobile marketing toolkit. Send targeted, condition-based SMS/MMS messages or use location-based triggers to deliver personalized offers via push notifications.
Social Studio
Create effective social campaigns across a variety of platforms. Collect market intelligence and measure market traction for your products or services. Engage larger audiences and also hear the voice of every customer.
Email Studio
Add advanced automation and deep, AI-based, data-driven personalization to your mass email campaigns; deliver beautiful, dynamic content; target the most active respondents; and easily track campaign performance.
Interaction Studio
Let Marketing Cloud help you with in-depth customer behavior analysis and get to know your audience better. Run experiments, verify hypotheses, trust AI to make product/service suggestions, then combine those insights for a higher ROI.
Journey Builder
Create elaborate customer journeys to build lasting, value-based relationships with individual customers and entire accounts; involve multiple channels to share approved content; and get precious insights using built-in analytics.
Customer 360 Audiences
Bring all of your data into Marketing Cloud to get a clear, unobstructed 360-degree view of your audiences. Perform customer base segmentation based on data insights and ensure compliance with GDPR and CCPA requirements.
Enjoy the benefits of advanced B2B marketing automation with Marketing Cloud. Design and build customer engagement flows, create high-conversion landing pages and forms, monitor your prospects and reach out at the right time.
Connect multiple data sources and visualize trends on a single dashboard. Take advantage of AI-based recommendations and alerts. Give your B2C and B2B marketing teams the tools they need to get their job done faster and better.

Tap into our Salesforce adoption services

Our service portfolio encompasses the entire range of activities required for every successful Salesforce Marketing Cloud implementation project: from initial discovery workshops and business analysis sessions to customization and post-implementation support.
Set-up and configuration
At this point, we start working according to the mutually approved plan and setting up the system for the client. We create user groups and access policies, configure key entities and views, generate report templates, design the main workflows, and nip potential security vulnerabilities in the bud.
Few, if any, software systems can thrive in isolation. We help our clients integrate their Marketing Cloud with virtually any other system or data source in a secure and reliable manner. With more relevant data at their fingertips, our clients enjoy higher quality of forecasting and decision-making.
End-user adoption
At this final stage of the process, we work with the client to help end users adapt to the new system and train them to use it to the fullest. Training is performed remotely in the form of workshops or, optionally, on-site for the ultimate immersion and user engagement.

Choosing the right solution

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a complex, multifunctional solution that comes with a fairly hefty price tag. We guide our clients through every step of the way by helping them define goals, milestones, and the overall deployment roadmap. This thoughtful approach to planning results in considerable savings and enables our clients to realistically match their starting package and subscription type with their current needs.

Business case analysis
We scrupulously analyze the client’s business processes and focus on existing pain points and known inefficiencies. With more knowledge about the client’s situation, we are in a much better position to advise on the optimal Salesforce adoption strategy.
Visual demonstrations are much more effective than any marketing texts. As a certified Salesforce Consulting Partner, we are always ready to give our clients a tour around the platform and its various components, highlighting the pros and cons of different starting configurations.
Buying assistance
Once fully aligned with the client, we take care of the hassle of purchasing the right licenses and making sure that everything is ready for further implementation. And if it comes to buying an additional AppExchange product or 3rd party tool, we ensure the most efficient budget spending, too.

A delivery roadmap to success

Our Salesforce Marketing Cloud delivery process is fully transparent and easy to follow. We guide our clients from the get-go and through every step of the way to make sure they have a clear picture of where they are and what their options are. Thanks to our certified consultants, we know the most typical use cases and can offer cost- and time-efficient implementation scenarios for every type of business.

Business analysis
We get to know the client, their business processes and challenges, and come up with possible solutions.
We invest ample time to come up with a solid implementation roadmap, taking into account the client’s readiness and availability.
Our team of experts performs the entire range of activities required for configuring, customizing, and deploying the solution.
Once the solution is delivered, we keep supporting our clients by applying crucial updates and necessary tweaks.
1. Business analysis
2. Planning
3. Implementation
4. Support

Who needs the Marketing Cloud

This multi-functional and flexible marketing automation platform is used in a variety of industries:

Media & entertainment
Business services
Nonprofit organizations
Travel & hospitality

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