Salesforce Sales Cloud

The Sales Cloud from Salesforce is the sales automation platform of choice for countless enterprises around the world, but it’s not a silver bullet for every business challenge out there. iTechArt makes sure Salesforce gets the job done even for the most demanding clients with unique needs.

Tap into the advantages of Salesforce Sales Cloud

Platform highlights

Salesforce Sales Cloud is all about speed — the speed of capturing new leads, speed of upselling and cross-selling existing accounts, and speed of closing opportunities in your pipeline. Chosen by thousands of market leaders, it helps companies unlock new efficiencies in a familiar market landscape and avoid losing revenues due to oversight and process delays.

With Salesforce Sales Cloud, your sales team will have 24/7 access to some of the best lead management tools on the market and will be able to leverage the immense potential of the Salesforce ecosystem for extra productivity benefits.

User benefits

The Sales Cloud brings a lot to the table:

  • Highly customized client “touches” and pitches
  • State-of-the-art opportunity management
  • Deep automation of all sales workflows
  • Instant access to accurate sales projections
  • Increased productivity of the sales team
  • Steady revenue growth through higher conversions and shorter sales cycles
  • Best-in-class technical support
Top-notch sales record management
Data-driven executive decision-making
Convenient and easy-to-follow sales flows
Better traction with prospective clients
Works best with the Marketing Cloud

Top Sales Cloud features

Streamlined contact management Know who’s who in your key client accounts. Keep a full history of your past communications, draw valuable insights from social media posts, and share contacts with colleagues with a few clicks. Easy access to relevant sales data Use the Sales Cloud to provide your sales personnel with a fast track to the company-wide storage of sales artifacts: marketing materials, rate cards, case studies, references, and more. Process Builder for effective workflows Customize your Sales Cloud workflows to match your business reality and boost the productivity of your sales team through automation, reduced process delays, and better coordination of efforts. Einstein for AI-based forecasting Take your data under control and leverage the power of AI-driven business analytics for accurate forecasting of potential business outcomes, as well as intelligent lead and opportunity management. Flexible, multi-layer reporting Make your sales process visible across the board by creating comprehensive, easy-to-read dashboards, custom data views, and various reports for day-to-day progress monitoring and executive reviews. Salesforce Mobile Give your sales reps the tools they need to access important data on the go, update statuses, view reports, and work with contacts, leads, and opportunities right in the field.

Six steps towards your own Salesforce Sales Cloud

iTechArt offers the experience and expertise required for fine-tuning and customizing the Sales Cloud to the unique needs and specifics of your business.
We set up all basic entities like contacts, leads, and opportunities, configure users and user groups, access permissions, emails, data sharing and security parameters.
Once the solution has been configured, customized, and integrated with third-party data sources, we ensure its smooth rollout to the client and hand over the necessary documentation.
User onboarding
We assist our clients with post-delivery user training and onboarding, which is especially important for projects involving VoIP integration or complex sales automation scenarios.

Which Sales Cloud edition is right for you?

Salesforce offers several Sales Cloud editions for companies of any size. As part of its Salesforce consulting service, iTechArt helps its clients choose an edition that offers the highest cost-efficiency and best alignment with their business needs.
  • The most affordable version of the Sales Cloud, it supports lead, account and opportunity management, and provides access to a shared knowledge base, yet limits the number of users to 10.
  • This edition extends the functionality of the Essentials version by adding the support of SLAs and entitlements, rule-based lead scoring, as well as more customizability and extensibility.
  • The most balanced edition of the Sales Cloud, it has every feature of the Professional version plus advanced API and process automation support, customizable reporting, and case management.
  • The most expensive and yet the most functional edition of the Sales Cloud that comes with 24/7 technical support and pre-configuration services included in the bundle.

Your project from ideation to live

iTechArt provides a complete range of services required for planning, designing, customizing and implementing bespoke Sales Cloud features and fully configured Salesforce instances of any complexity.

Business analysis

We conduct meetings and workshops with the client’s stakeholders to capture the most minute nuances and produce full documentation for further development.


We create a detailed project plan with clearly defined delivery milestones to keep up with the client’s business objectives and production goals.


We assign a team of professional developers and Sales Cloud consultants to perform end-to-end configuration and customization services.

User training and post-delivery support

Once the solution is delivered, we assist the client with user onboarding and training, technical support and maintenance, as well as any additional customization.

A sales automation platform for your industry

No matter the business type, every organization can benefit from the Sales Cloud and its impressive set of features. As your needs expand and Salesforce starts playing an increasingly important role in your sales operations, you can always upgrade to a more functional edition or resort to customizations to streamline your workflows and close more deals.

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Project showcase


Aristo Developers

While working with Aristo Developers — the largest residential and commercial property developer in Cyprus — iTechArt team fine-tuned the Sales Cloud functionality, helping them turn hours spent on compiling price lists into just a few clicks.


We helped the leading fintech company Unlimint implement Sales Cloud from scratch, which allowed them to streamline collaboration within the team, identifying — and solving — bottlenecks swiftly and easily.


Yggdrasil — an innovation-led provider of online gaming solutions for iGaming operators — partnered with iTechArt to adopt Sales Cloud; as a result, their productivity climbed 20% and time spent on manual work was split in half.

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