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We build our Salesforce demo sessions upon analyzing your unique business strategy. You’ll learn how Salesforce can address your specific needs, helping better deliver sales, service, and marketing.


Ranging from 60 to 90 minutes, the demo will cover both business and technical aspects that are essential for successful Salesforce implementation.


After the demo session, you’ll get a clear understanding of which Salesforce solutions to choose and what steps to take next to start the digital transformation of your company.

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      What we’ll cover

      Salesforce products and editions

      Salesforce offers different bundles of features and services, each geared toward specific business needs. As a Salesforce partner, we have expertise in all key Salesforce Clouds and products — meaning our experts will give you more visibility into what options are best positioned to increase your efficiency and drive growth.

      Implementation plan

      Our Salesforce consultants prepare a detailed Salesforce implementation strategy, defining key steps, timelines, and approximate budget.

      Workflow automation

      We show how a Salesforce product can be integrated into your existing workflow and help automate manual tasks, track progress, and manage daily tasks with less effort.

      Data migration and quality assurance

      Our experts help you smoothly migrate to Salesforce from any other CRM platform, ensuring business continuity and eliminating data loss. On top of that, our Salesforce consultants conduct testing, code reviews, and other QA-related services to ensure the stable work of the implemented solution.

      Customization and integrations

      We make all the necessary customizations and configurations to extend the power of your Salesforce system. During the demo, we show a tailor-made prototype of the final product, suggesting what third-party integrations (such as ERP, e-commerce platforms, social media, and document management) will bring a killer experience to all the stakeholders.

      User adoption and training

      We’ve organized multiple end-user training and onboarding sessions that brought 100% system adoption. This is why our team can provide expert advice on how to help your users master CRM and make the most of it.

      Building an all-star Salesforce team

      The ongoing high performance of the adopted Salesforce product requires comprehensive maintenance and support. We consult you on the composition of the Salesforce team needed for the development, daily administration, and maintenance tasks.

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      Schedule your custom
      Salesforce demo

      Upon analyzing your request, our experts will get back to you with additional questions in case they need clarification. Right after, we start scheduling and preparing your personalized demo.

      Please note that it usually takes from one to two weeks to prepare and configure the demo. The time frame depends on the specific product and your requirements.

      Maximize your CRM potential

      Live Q&A session

      During a special Q&A session, you’ll be able to get free guidance from our Salesforce experts and learn more about the solution you’re seeking to implement.

      Roadmap to successful Salesforce implementation

      Our team creates a tailored roadmap to help implement Salesforce into your business in the most beneficial way.

      Meet our Salesforce experts

      Business Development Director
      Kate Rusakovich
      Kate brings 6+ years of experience working with Salesforce across 30+ business verticals. She’s responsible for establishing effective business development strategies and helping businesses unleash their full potential through top-notch digital solutions.
      Senior Technical Consultant and Delivery Manager
      Alex Skomyanov
      Alex is a Salesforce senior technical consultant with 5+ years’ experience in delivering and managing Salesforce projects. Backed by expert knowledge in sales, service, and marketing automation, he’s been helping companies across various industries translate complex business requirements into comprehensive Salesforce solutions.

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