Salesforce license edition comparison: Which one is right for your business?

Customers mean everything for your business, and it’s important to prioritize building and maintaining a strong relationship with each one. That’s why getting the right CRM software is so essential. But with so many options on the market, it’s not always easy to know which is best.

Salesforce is the most robust and popular CRM on the market, with many capabilities and use cases depending on your business type and industry. It has four unique license options, each at different price points.

If you’re considering a Salesforce license, how do you know which one will be the right one for your business? Which features do you need and which can you do without?

If you’ve been asking yourself some of these questions, this article was written just for you. In this detailed guide, we’ll highlight some of the significant differences between the editions, and at the end of reading this, you should be able to move forward and make an informed decision.

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#1: Essentials

Cost: $25 per user, per month (billed annually)

Number of Users: Up to 10

The Essentials option comes with several basic features. Some of the most notable are:

  • Lead Management — This allows you to track and qualify prospective customers.
  • Campaign Management — Effective marketing campaigns help businesses reach out to and connect with their customers. With Essentials, you can manage and track your campaigns across multiple platforms in one place.
  • Email Integration — Studies have shown that email is one of the most effective marketing channels. Essentials allows integration with Gmail or Outlook. You can also get important information, such as customer interactions, which you can use to inform future email campaigns.
  • Mobile App — In today’s fast-paced world, many teams find themselves collaborating with people from across the globe. Having software that allows for seamless communication and connections is important. With Essentials, you can access Salesforce’s mobile app and manage different business functions, including accessing and updating data, collaborating with team members, and managing meetings.

Which Companies Can Benefit From Essentials?

The Essentials option is excellent for small businesses and startups that need basic CRM software functionality. These businesses don’t yet require extensive customization and integrations. Instead, they need entry-level process automation for their marketing and sales teams.


#2: Professional

Cost: $75 per user, per month (billed annually)

Number of Users: Unlimited

The Professional option has all the functionality found from the Essentials plan. Additional notable features include:

  • Lead Registration and Scoring — This feature allows you to capture and follow up on your leads in a timely manner. You are also able to determine how engaged prospects are with your brand. This information can be beneficial for future marketing and sales projects.
  • Collaborative Forecasting — Understanding, predicting, and planning a sales cycle requires a lot of time and effort. The Professional plan allows you to manage your entire sales cycle from one place.
  • Person Accounts — The “person account” feature allows you to create a contact without tying it to a business. This can be useful for B2C businesses, where you’re focusing on individual customers, as well as any business that has both business and individual account holders that you need to track.

Which Companies Can Benefit From Professional?

The Professional edition is excellent for small or mid-sized businesses that want to handle their entire sales cycle from one place, including forecasting, user profiles, and tracking real-time sales insights. These businesses would also need to have a single sales unit to get the full benefits of the plan.


#3: Enterprise

Cost: $150 per user, per month (billed annually)

Number Of Users: Unlimited

The Enterprise edition contains all the features available from the Professional plan, including some special functionalities, which have helped make it Salesforce’s most popular edition.

Here are a few standout features:

  • Sales Console App — Sales teams have a lot of data to keep track of. This feature allows them to keep track of all relevant information from one platform, which could help to boost productivity and efficiency.
  • Opportunity Splits — This exciting feature will enable you to understand a sales team's individual efforts and participation, making dividing commissions easier.
  • Track Contracts — It can be challenging to keep track of contract approvals and renewals. This feature makes it possible from just one central point.
  • Unlimited Custom Applications — Every business has its own unique needs. And sometimes those needs need custom approaches. With this feature, you can build apps and customize your Salesforce to help meet these needs.

Which Companies Can Benefit From Enterprise?

The Enterprise edition is ideal for large organizations with several sales departments. That's because it allows for the integration and management of different sales departments. In addition, large businesses that are interested in automating their complex processes would also benefit. With this plan, companies get advanced customization, which can help them filter and manage their CRM processes much more effectively.


#4 Unlimited

Cost: $300 per user per month (billed annually)

Number Of Users: Unlimited

As the name suggests, the Unlimited edition offers organizations extensive functionality, features, and customization capabilities. It has all the functions of the Enterprise edition, and many more capabilities, including:

  • Enterprise Territory Management — This feature allows you to model your sales territories into a structure that makes sense for your business needs. Ultimately, you’ll be able to connect the right reps to the right customers.
  • Advanced Reporting Features — Data tracking and analyzing are so important for the success of every marketing and sales team. This function gives many reporting features, including the ability to create joined reports, bucketing, and track sales history.
  • Workflow Approval Automation — With the Unlimited edition, organizations can automate many processes including workflow tasks, email alerts, and field updates. This can help to improve the efficiency of a team.

Which Companies Can Benefit From Unlimited?

One of the key benefits is the unlimited Salesforce support that a team will receive when on this plan. The cost and advanced capabilities of the Unlimited edition make it an ideal solution for large-scale organizations with several sales departments.

Final Tips

At the beginning of this article, you might have had one key question — Which Salesforce edition is right for you and your business?

After looking at the comparisons above, we hope that you're now able to answer this question.

We also hope you understand that there's no plan that's better than another. It's all subjective.

CRM solutions help make the life of a marketing and sales team a little easier. However, it's first essential to understand your business’s unique wants, needs, and challenges. This knowledge will assist you in choosing a solution that can help you and your team become more productive and effective.

Whatever your needs, there’s a Salesforce edition that will meet them.

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