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Tap into the power of Salesforce to streamline program management, scale fundraising and grant-making activities, and connect with stakeholders anytime, anywhere.
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Streamlined donor management.
Efficient grant-making

Higher impact at lower cost

Salesforce is an efficient tool that can significantly improve the performance of a nonprofit. Adopters reported an average 49% increase in donations, 31% decrease in service costs, and 31% improved donor retention rate. And 83% of nonprofits see returns on their Salesforce investment during the first year.

One solution for all activities

Thanks to Nonprofit Cloud and other Salesforce products, you will be able to control all your donor management, marketing, event management, and other activities in one system. Connecting with constituents and making a positive change has never been easier.

Personalized marketing for better fundraising
Efficient program management for flexible operations
90% of common nonprofit needs covered out of the box
Easy access to information on donors and volunteers
Discounts and free licenses for nonprofits

Designed with nonprofits in mind

Unlike many general-purpose CRMs, Salesforce offers Nonprofit Cloud, including Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP). It’s a set of tools designed to help NPOs further their mission by tracking constituents, personalizing marketing messages, and automating routine tasks. With the Salesforce platform, you can dedicate more time to what really matters, making a positive impact on the community.
See how NPSP and other Salesforce products help nonprofits.
Challenges addressed
  • Using different software for managing constituents, volunteers, branches, and partners
  • Low efficiency of marketing campaigns and high donor churn
  • Lack of accurate data on campaign efficiency
Adoption drivers
  • Free licenses and discounts for nonprofits increase adoption rates.
  • New Salesforce clients are attracted by proven increases in donor retention and prospect acquisition, as well as considerable savings per dollar raised.
  • Communities set up by Salesforce for nonprofits promote mutual assistance between NPOs and efficiency through synergy.
  • Increases in almost all metrics across the board, from donations to social engagements
  • One convenient platform instead of a bunch of separate tools
  • Streamlining the grant-making process and making it easier to select the right candidates
Customization options
  • 70+ industry-standard reports and possibilities for making additional ones
  • Integrations with third-party databases and software
  • Fields, tags and labels adapted to your organization’s processes

Salesforce for nonprofits: use cases

Salesforce offers solutions to many management-related issues an NPO might face. It automates routine processes, increases employee productivity, and makes communication with constituents deeper and more personal. Here’s how.

Create, manage, and scale programs in a convenient, customizable format. Set up automated scheduling of recurring events (e.g. tutoring). Track volunteers and their workload and activities.
Program management
Build relationships with donors, applicants, and grantees. Quickly create and modify dedicated portals for new programs or staff orientation. Grow a community around your organization and get accurate information on the effectiveness of your spending.
Personalize marketing campaigns to better reach constituents. Automate recurring activities to save time for more important tasks. Manage all advertising channels in one place and track their effectiveness through precise reports.
Personalize marketing campaigns to better reach constituents. Automate recurring activities to save time for more important tasks. Manage all advertising channels in one place and track their effectiveness through precise reports.

Beyond NPSP

The Nonprofit Success Pack is the key Salesforce cloud offering for NPOs, but that doesn’t make it the only possibility for you. Depending on your specific needs and circumstances, other products might be a better fit. Moreover, some of them can be used together as they address different issues. See how NPSP stacks up against other Salesforce products.

B2C-oriented; tailored to communication with individuals, households, and small groups. Best fit for traditional NPOs that rely on individual contributions to fund their mission. Can be modified for work with corporate donors.
Sales Cloud
B2B-oriented, tailored to communication with companies. Best fit for NPOs receiving donations from businesses. Can be modified for managing individual constituents.
An end-to-end constituent management solution. Choose it if you need to build, grow, and track relations with constituents in one place.
Marketing Cloud
A powerful marketing automation solution. Choose this option if you need to build and track constituent journeys, manage advertising activities in one place, and personalize messaging to people seeing your ads.
Focused on managing constituents, volunteers, and donations. Use this if you need a core solution to build your digital infrastructure upon.
Community Cloud
Focused on self-service, support of field workers, and customer support automation. Use this if you need to improve call center efficiency or create a unified knowledge base.

Nonprofits get preferences

Both Salesforce and iTechArt recognize the importance of the work that the NPOs are doing. That’s why charities and other nonprofits get special treatment. Salesforce offers eligible organizations 10 free subscriptions and discounts on certain products or services through the “Power of Us” program. We offer special, lower rates for our work.

We share common values

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff said: “Companies can do more than just make money; they can serve others.” This has become the de facto motto of the “Pledge 1%” — a corporate philanthropy initiative encouraging businesses to bring value to the community.

iTechArt joined this movement and pledged 1% of our time to support local non-governmental animal shelters. We encourage our employees to help out and make the world a better place, one saved animal at a time.

How we work

With iTechArt, Salesforce implementation becomes a straightforward and easy-to-understand process. This is how it’s done.

We find out the details of your mission and the specifics of your processes to better understand you and prepare a plan on how to achieve your goals.
Once we know your objectives, we can prepare a down-to-earth roadmap with specific milestones to track the progress
We adapt the basic Salesforce configuration to your specific workflows, create automation, and implement extra features if needed. Most of the technical work happens at this stage.
Continuous enhancement
Once your system is up and running, there is a lot you can do to expand its capabilities to bring you more value. We can keep improving it and adding new functionality for as long as you need us.
Going live with your Salesforce solution. We will actively participate in the process, teaching your staff and working out last-minute kinks in the system.
We check and re-check the system to ensure it runs smoothly and works towards achieving your goals.
Continuous enhancement

Our services for nonprofits

Helping you choose the right configuration, develop an implementation roadmap and KPIs, and suggest the optimal way to implement Salesforce for your organization.

Why iTechArt

We are experts

  • Experience delivering Salesforce projects for Fortune 500 companies
  • Recognized as Salesforce Consulting Partner
  • In-depth knowledge of Salesforce products

We care

  • Flexible cooperation models for different clients and project types
  • The project team is built to fit the client and their vision
  • Business-first approach to ensure that the project brings value

We have a great team

  • 60+ Salesforce experts
  • Available for work remotely or on-location
  • Employees are motivated to do the work they can be proud of

Our work

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