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Streamline program management, scale fundraising, connect with stakeholders, and drive impact from anywhere with Salesforce for nonprofits. Empower change-making work through a game-changing CRM.
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Achieve your mission

Greater impact at lower cost

Salesforce offers a host of end-to-end functional products that help power your NPO’s pursuit of change. Its purpose-built platform for nonprofits and specialized tools can unify your entire management ecosystem. No wonder 83% of nonprofits see returns on their Salesforce investment within the first year.

A single platform does it all

In the nonprofit world, wearing multiple hats is the norm: Program managers double as creative directors and marketing specialists moonlight as event planners. Salesforce unifies all of your mission-critical tasks within a single platform for development, fundraising, program management, and all of your outreach efforts. Let Salesforce automate your workflows so you can stay focused on your work.

Key points

Marketing insights for better fundraising
Efficient program management for nimble operations
Out-of-the-box fixes for common nonprofit problems
Easy access to donor and volunteer information
Sliced and diced analytics for actionable insights

Designed with nonprofits in mind

Salesforce engineered Nonprofit Cloud for the unique needs and challenges of today’s nonprofits, like with its Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP). This toolkit is built to empower your NPO by tracking constituents, personalizing marketing, and automating routine tasks so that you can spend more time enacting positive change.

Dismantle silos

  • Manage constituents, volunteers, and partners from a single platform
  • Aggregate donor information for smarter campaigns
  • Empower streamlined workflows

Drive adoption

  • Lead donors on an engaging journey
  • Lower donor churn with timely outreach
  • Build campaigns that convert prospects

Gain insights

  • Work smarter with Einstein-empowered metrics
  • Build actionable analytics reports
  • Track every dimension of your donors’ behavior

Customize strategically

  • Integrate with third-party databases and software
  • Adapt fields, tags, and labels to your processes
  • Build reports that fit your needs

Solutions where you need them

Salesforce gets NPOs. From automating routine processes to enabling deeper connections with constituents, Salesforce has a solution for every challenge you face.


Create, manage, and scale programs in a convenient, customizable format. Set up automated scheduling for recurring events while tracking volunteer workloads and activities.

Program management

Strengthen relationships with your donors, applicants, and grantees. Quickly create and modify dedicated portals for new programs or staff orientations. Grow a community around your organization and get accurate information on the effectiveness of your spending.


Steer investments where they’re needed the most. With Nonprofit Cloud, grantmakers can manage donations, communications, and engagement within a single intuitive platform.


Personalize marketing campaigns to better reach your community. Manage all outreach channels while tracking metrics from one centralized hub. Generate precise, actionable reports, and implement time-saving automations.
Salesforce products for every nonprofit
The Nonprofit Success Pack is the centerpiece of Salesforce’s cloud offerings for nonprofits, but it’s not the only option. Depending on your specific needs, other Salesforce products might be a better fit.
Here’s a snapshot of what Salesforce has to offer nonprofits.
Sales Cloud
Reach new donors and fundraise faster with Sales Cloud. Through comprehensive account and contact management software, you’ll gain a fuller picture of your prospective donors and their activity history, as well as key internal and constituent-facing communications.
Marketing Cloud
Build campaigns in Email Studio and bolster them with analytics and insights from Salesforce Customer Data Platform. Unite marketing and sales and foster more connections among stakeholders with Pardot. With Marketing Cloud, finding and attracting new constituents has never been easier.

How we work

We provide a complete range of services for planning, designing, customizing, and implementing bespoke Salesforce tools for your nonprofit.


By taking the time to understand the business needs and technical requirements of your NPO, we can be sure that we’re recommending the best solutions.


We draw up a detailed roadmap for your Salesforce solution, setting measurable KPIs to keep your implementation strategic and on schedule.

Configuration and customization

From renaming fields in forms to creating entirely new features, iTechArt fine-tunes your Salesforce products to perfectly complement your business processes.


With routine system performance tests, you can be sure that we’ll eliminate any bugs or inefficiencies from your Salesforce solution.


Once everything’s in shape, we release your Salesforce platform so your employees can adopt your new system with a minimum of speed bumps.

Continuous enhancement

The sky’s the limit when leveraging Salesforce for nonprofits — and there’s no limit to an iTechArt partnership either. We keep working with you as needed, adding new capabilities to your system and keeping it all running at peak performance.

Our services

Why iTechArt

Cross-industry capabilities

  • iTechArt serves 30+ diverse industries, from legal to fintech to healthtech
  • Seamless adjustments to your Salesforce ecosystem and workflows
  • Solutions with full customizations for your business needs

Proven Salesforce expertise

  • Our team is 100% Salesforce-certified
  • 8+ years of Salesforce design and implementation
  • 73% of our clients are referrals

Driven by results

  • Detailed reports maintain full visibility into your project’s details
  • Full-cycle Salesforce development services, from consulting to post-launch support
  • We’ve contributed to $13B in acquisitions and 21 IPOs to date

Our work

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