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iTechArt will implement Salesforce as your real estate CRM to help you bring customer relations and lead management to new heights.
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A must-have tool for
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Industry choice

More than 87% of the top-earning real estate agents use a CRM to manage their deals, listings, and customers. Salesforce is a fitting solution for many of them. With its extensive feature set, robust integrations, and solid reputation, it was rightfully crowned the “Best Advanced CRM for Real Estate” by PCMag.

Unparalleled efficiency

Good CRM software can make a realtor up to 100% more productive. And Salesforce, with its powerful automation, leads the pack. Automated follow-ups, convenient relationship management, and detailed reporting will help you close more deals and leave customers happy.

Automated deal tracking and document management
Fits startups, mid-sized and large brokers, and agencies
Well-thought-out UI
A single place for managing all jobs
In-depth analytics

Realtors top choice

Salesforce is by far the most popular CRM in the world, with 20% of the global market share. It’s a CRM of choice for real estate agents because of its powerful automation capabilities, detailed reporting, and intuitive design.

Thanks to its reputation and its tight-knit community of users, Salesforce is poised to get even further ahead of its competitors.

Adoption trends
  • Salesforce adoption will be on the rise as the company is constantly hiring more staff to deal with more customers.
  • Salesforce products keep getting new features.
  • More native integrations are expected because of new acquisitions (e.g. Slack).
Drivers of popularity
  • Salesforce’s strong reputation helps overcome executive resistance.
  • The variety of Salesforce’s products (Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud, Community Cloud, etc.) makes it a turnkey solution for many real estate businesses.
  • Salesforce’s solid customer service helps retain contracts.
Residential real estate CRM
  • Rich customer acquisition and retention capabilities
  • Automated communication tools for lead nurturing and handling of routine tasks
  • Ability to access your information from anywhere
Commercial real estate CRM
  • Management of dozens of contracts in one place
  • Thorough and easy-to-understand reporting
  • Personalization features for better customer experience

How Salesforce supercharges
a real estate business

As Salesforce experts, we are dedicated to using this CRM to help our real estate clients close more deals with less effort. With a deep understanding of the real estate industry and extensive technical knowledge, we will be able to help you increase sales and keep customers happy.
Opportunity management
Tracking of leads at all the stages of the funnel and beyond. Keeping the information at hand at all times to be prepared for repeat business. Receiving and sending automatic notifications for important occasions.
Contract management
Workflows that automate the document creation and review process. Electronic signatures to keep the process quick and eco-friendly. Automated reminders to never miss a deadline.
Quote Generation
Customizable templates for estimations. Automated billing systems integration. Generation of proposals, renewal quotes, and other relevant documents.
Visualized data conveniently accessible from dashboards. Automated report generation. Tracking of key metrics and customer history.
Asset management
One place to track your commercial and residential properties. Easy monitoring of lease agreements. Financial data and automated analytics.

A business success toolbox

Salesforce offers a suite of products with a different focus depending on what types of marketing, sales, or customer service activities you need to cover. If still undecided, we will help you find the right set of features in line with your workflows.

Sales cloud Recommended when
  • You need to automatically get listings data from multiple sources
  • Scheduling calls and meetings with prospective customers takes too much time
  • Preparing and filing documents has become tedious
Guaranteed outcomes All your customer data, including recordings of previous interactions, will be stored in one place. Less time will be spent on warming up leads.
Service cloud Recommended when
  • It takes too long for your staff to respond to inquiries
  • The customers keep asking the same questions over and over
  • You want to improve customer satisfaction and get more referrals
Guaranteed outcomes Chatbots will be able to answer the routine questions, while your agents will have more time for complex cases and promising leads.
Marketing Cloud or Pardot Recommended when
  • You have many advertising channels and have to manage each one separately
  • Calculating ROI and finding growth areas is too complicated
  • Lead nurturing takes too much time and effort
Guaranteed outcomes You will be able to manage all your marketing activities in one system, monitor its efficiency, and have the system take over much of the nurturing process.
Community cloud Recommended when
  • The business conditions favor creating a loyal community of customers and partners
  • Your website’s engagement stats are below your expectations
  • You need a platform where your real estate agents can easily communicate with customers
Guaranteed outcomes You'll have a single system to manage your partners, employees, and customers. And a social platform for your customers and agents to conduct all their communications.

Six simple steps to Salesforce success

With extensive experience in both Salesforce implementation and the real estate domain, we have a clear plan for making your project a success. This is how we approach the process:

Learning your business processes to understand the objectives you want to achieve with a CRM, and come up with the right roadmap.
Forming a CRM implementation roadmap with clear KPIs and deadlines. Defining metrics to set the project up for success.
Configuration, customization, and other technical work that is required to automate your client relations, advertising, and other business processes with the help of the Salesforce CRM.
Thoroughly checking the system to make sure it complies with the agreed-upon plan and does what it’s supposed to.
Rolling out your Salesforce solution, and making sure the adoption process is hassle-free for your employees.
Continuous enhancement
The official launch of your new CRM isn’t the end of our cooperation. We will continue working with you and help you grow the system so it can bring you even more value in the long term.
1. Requirements
2. Consulting
3. Development
4. Testing
5. Release
6. Continuous enhancement

Salesforce services for real estate

Salesforce consulting
We will help you choose the right edition of Salesforce, define and track implementation goals, and show you the way to adapt the system to your business processes. All of this works towards you getting the most out of your real estate CRM.
Salesforce implementation
We will deploy your new Salesforce CRM, migrate your data, and ensure that everything works as intended. From learning your specific business objectives to training your staff, our Salesforce specialists will cover all aspects of deployment.
Salesforce configuration and customization
Adjusting Salesforce to make this real estate CRM a perfect fit for your company. And if the existing features aren’t enough, we will develop new ones so that your CRM budget brings impressive returns.
Salesforce end-user training
Our specialists will teach your staff how to use all the CRM features they need. This will make Salesforce adoption a smooth process and help your teams become more effective and profitable.
Salesforce support
Working as an extension of your IT team, we will make sure your real estate CRM performs well and is updated regularly. We will keep your real estate agents productive and your data secure at all times.
Salesforce managed services
We’ll take over the administration of the Salesforce system for your real estate company. We will keep it optimized, ensure that the automated analytics works smoothly, and do it in a way that doesn’t disrupt business.

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