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Why Salesforce

Customer expectations are rising fast, and your startup has to keep pace in order to survive. To gauge interest in your brand and deliver superior customer experience, it’s crucial to use tools that bring client data under one umbrella. Salesforce — the world’s #1 customer relationship management platform — is your go-to solution. as it automates all customer interactions and sales processes, offers analytics, and much more.

With Salesforce, you can focus on what’s important for a newly established business: nurturing customer loyalty, growing your market presence, and fine-tuning your product or service in order to scale faster.

As your Salesforce implementation partner, iTechArt solves the most complex CRM challenges to help you quickly launch and operate smarter, while doubling your sales and increasing revenue by up to 25%.

Our quick-start approach to Salesforce implementation

Delineate your specific goals

iTechArt’s experts will help you define your Salesforce roadmap, conducting a technical consultation and advising as to what features and functionality will benefit your business. From there, we optimize the software to your unique model, so you can experience the benefits of customer relationship management within days.

Select the solution that fits

The quick-start packages we offer are designed to deliver everything a startup needs — no more, no less. By pairing Salesforce expertise with startup knowledge, we’re able to address both the technical and operational aspects of implementation in equal measure.

Fast, 1-2 month process
Custom solutions for startups
End-user training included
Extensive support throughout

Six Salesforce features that benefit startups

Salesforce is the best CRM option for newly launched companies and small businesses as it offers a cost-effective, out-of-the-box solution designed to help you grow and accelerate your path to profitability.
Thanks to Salesforce’s expansive nature, you can deal with large demand and spikes in traffic without the need for advance planning or additional resources.
Regular updates
Salesforce delivers software updates three times a year to improve the performance, security, logic, usability of the platform, and customer experience.
Rich integration capabilities
Within a single interface, Salesforce supports integration with all the applications a successful operation needs: Slack, JIRA, HelloSign, MailChimp, DocuSign, and more.
Along with a high degree of adaptability and flexible work plans, Salesforce is completely customizable to your unique needs.
Backed by Salesforce data reporting, you’re positioned to better identify customer behavior trends, take action to improve client relationships, and make data-driven decisions.
Salesforce keeps data secure, allowing only authorized users to gain access to resources.

What Salesforce products can do for you

Sales Cloud
  • Sales Cloud empowers you to automate administrative tasks, manage leads more efficiently, and pivot go-to-market strategies fast.
Marketing Cloud
  • With Marketing Cloud and related solutions like Pardot, you can automate the marketing pipeline and discover your top customer insights, closing more deals and increasing ROI.
Service Cloud
  • Service Cloud includes case management, customer access across all channels, integration with legacy data systems, pre-built integration apps, and many more to support a startup.
Experience Cloud (ex. Community Cloud)
  • Experience Cloud empowers you to provide exceptional service with powerful community software creating rich, self-service experiences.

Salesforce editions for any need

We provide startup-appropriate Salesforce packages suitable for any budget. Down the road, you may consider the Enterprise and Unlimited plans to get maximum value from your CRM.

If you’re still having trouble finding ways to save on implementation, check out our guide to Salesforce implementation costs and ways to reduce them.

Salesforce Essentials
Designed for startups at the MVP stage with up to 10 users. All-in-one sales solution with basic administration tools that lets you customize your deployment as you grow.
For any size team. Comprehensive sales solution with easy-to-use customization, integration, and administration tools to facilitate any small to midsize deployment.
Highly customizable solution for any type and size of business. Offers advanced customization and Salesforce API access for easy integration with your back-office systems.
Unlimited Salesforce CRM solution with all Enterprise edition functionality as well as 24/7 support, full mobile access, unlimited custom apps, increased storage limits, and other crucial features.

Services we provide

From discovery through release and user training, we cover all stages of your digital lifecycle.

Explore AppExchange in case you need more

On demand, we can assist you in building feature-rich solutions on top of the Salesforce AppExchange.

We make Salesforce work for your startup


Startup-friendly environment

  • We helped 200+ startups scale from MVP to IPO and beyond
  • We’ve contributed to $12.2B in acquisitions and $8B in funding
  • 30+ diverse industries we serve — meaning we know your business

Proven Salesforce expertise

  • 8+ years of hands-on operation
  • iTechArt is a certified Salesforce Consulting Partner
  • Well-versed in most key Salesforce Clouds and products
  • 60+ certified Salesforce Administrators, Developers, Consultants, and Architects with diverse expertise

Commitment to results

  • A full deep-dive into the client’s Salesforce ecosystem and existing workflow
  • Full-cycle design and engineering services, in case you need more
  • Ongoing cooperation with Salesforce (knowledge sharing, joint publications, events, webinars, etc.)

Project showcase


Data Dwell

In partnership with marketing platform Data Dwell, our engineers developed a custom Salesforce Lightning extension providing the sales team with seamless access to data stored in Sales Enablement directly from their preferred email client.


iTechArt teamed up with Seniorlink to migrate the existing legacy system to Salesforce Health Cloud and customize it according to the current business goals and customer preferences.


To improve sales and customer tracking processes, iTechArt experts rolled out the Sales Cloud system and integrated such business-critical software solutions as DocuSign into the CRM system.

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Webinar: Setting up Salesforce CRM for startups

Whatever your company’s stage of growth, our experts will share best practices for finding the best solution for you, automating business processes, and strengthening your client communication.

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