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iTechArt belongs to the new wave of software development companies that speak the language of startups and fast-moving tech companies. We provide dedicated teams driven by a powerful blend of the latest technologies and commitment to deliver groundbreaking yet market-suited solutions.
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Quality-driven custom software application development process

As a Salesforce consulting partner, we create a CRM roadmap for success with a blow-by-blow list of cloud, product and application integrations. Here is how we ensure that Salesforce - powered by standard or custom-build functionality - performs at scale.

Discovery and analysis
The iTechArt team of system-analysts and consultants brainstorm your project and strategize on exactly what steps we will take together for you to achieve maximum operational and business value. We place your requirements at the forefront and translate them expertly into a true business enabler, not just a piece of software.
UX and UI Design
Our talented design team has an eye for superior user experiences. With 50+ successful projects, we develop the application’s design and architecture, bringing your boldest vision to life. For iTechArt, there are no products that don’t match your business goals and plans.
With iTechArt, you are no longer constrained by lengthy software development cycles and formal engagement procedures. We aid you in choosing the most efficient development methodology and build a solution in line with all of the requirements established during the planning phase.
Feedback and Testing
Effective communication is key to staying competitive and relevant. At iTechArt, we encourage transparency through regular status and weekly meetings, calls, emails and chats. Relying on your feedback, we plan further enhancements while driving your project into the deployment stage at full force.
Release is the highlight of our innovation cycle. To finish software development on a high note, we make sure your solutions are in sync with clients and smoothly integrated with your existing processes.
Achieving trusted and value-creating collaboration is our strategic priority. We constantly improve your product’s quality to exceed the fluctuating needs of end users. We don’t impose any limits on customization and optimization.
Discovery & analysis
UX & UI Design
Feedback & Testing

Why iTechArt now and next

We take the inevitable "discovery to release" framework and customize it so that it means your unique business needs, challenges, and growths plans. No matter what U-turns you might take, we catch a vibe immediately, delivering on our promises all the way.

Selected talent Scanning the top 10% of the engineering job market, we match you with the best technical specialists who seamlessly integrate into your in-house and respond to the most strict business and tech requirements. Process Streamlined communication and working methodologies allow us to meet all deadlines, reaching 30% faster time-to-market. We're always on for more value: on time, on scale, and on budget. Highest quality deliverables The iTechArt team regularly preforms a code analysis and continuous code quality inspection to reduce the technical debt and mitigate any possible risks that may occur to your product. Leader to leader approach We combine the power of iTechArt's renowned partners - AWS, Google Cloud, Salesforce and more - with our deep industry expertise to help you create truly game-changing products.

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