Android development

Our dedicated development teams combine frontline technologies with business savvy to deliver full-blown, scalable, and highly customizable Android applications.
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Next-gen Android development

We never leave opportunities untapped. Whether you’re a startup or grown-up business, our team will help you succeed in an Android mobile‑first ecosystem.
UI/UX design
Since we have great command of Android visual language, we easily make your app look consistent with the platform.
Custom Android app development
As an Android app development company, we personalize your solutions to help you win users’ loyalty.
QA and testing
Forget about emulators. The iTechArt QA team has a ton of Android devices in our lab, waiting for your app to be tested ‑ for real.
We ensure a smooth and efficient performance as we quickly respond to all possible Android app development challenges.
Migration and porting services
80% of our Android developers know how to nail iOS as well in case you are also looking to reach Apple users.
Powering the Android ecosystem
We cover the entire Android network, including wearables, smartTV, and connected devices.

Delivering professional excellence

We employ talented mobile engineers who have already delivered over 150 amazing Android solutions. Be sure they won’t stop until you get your perfect app.
Activating your Android experience
  • Robust and responsive Android applications
  • Trusted delivery methods
  • Fast time-to-market
Harnessing forces of change
  • Embracing the latest tech trends
  • Operating in 30+ business verticals
  • Sticking to system updates and upgrades
Changing the way you work
  • Agile development methodology
  • 360-degree security
  • Ongoing technical support
Upskilling your existing team
  • Certified dedicated development teams
  • 70% of Android devs are seniors
  • 70% of Android devs are seniors

A roadmap for Android development success

From whiteboard to Google Play, your dedicated team works closely with you to drive operational efficiencies and improve the customer experience.

Mobile strategy
We put all the pieces in place and select the perfect strategy, establishing the right timelines and stages to maximize your benefits.
From wireframing and prototypes to killer user experiences, we manage every single aspect of design.
Android app development
We build custom Android solutions that run seamlessly on all target devices. iTechArt’s Android development team also takes care about the solution security and its integration with 3rd party services.
Our QA team will keep an eye on your application’s performance and stability throughout the whole development life cycle.
We will deliver your app live to the world, guaranteeing full compliance with Google guidelines and ensuring a smooth publishing process on the marketplace.
Ongoing enhancement
We will be happy to stay with you to perform the whole set of post-launch activities, raising the bar on the software excellence even higher.
Mobile strategy
Android app development
Ongoing enhancement

Expanding the reach of Android
to your industry

Business-critical apps
iTechArt supports your desktop and web products with customized Android applications, thereby boosting the omnichannel presence.
Utility applications
We make sure we’re on the same page when it comes to making users’ everyday routines convenient and enjoyable with our versatile applications.
Our mCommerce apps bring your customers in-depth and dynamic shopping experiences empowered by Android Pay API.
Our human-centric mobile solutions improve every aspect of medical practice, shifting the paradigm towards a culture of health.
iTechArt creates full-fledged mobile solutions aimed to redefine the concept of the present-day classroom, facilitating greater interaction and engagement with students.

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