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AWS offers the most extensive suite of tools and services available on the market. We don't say that lightly: As an Advanced Tier Partner in the AWS Partner Network, our advisory practice offers in-depth expertise in coordinating outstanding solutions built on AWS with consistent, high-performing results for our clients.
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We know what it takes to make sure your AWS cloud solution keeps your company working at maximum efficiency and primed to scale when you’re ready.

Our expertise

We’ve worked with dozens of clients on a wide variety of projects in different industries all across the tech sector. Healthtech, fintech, real estate, and from iGaming to eCommerce: If it relies on AWS, odds are we’ve built a solution that’s similar to what you need.
Certified AWS consultants

There’s no substitute for experience. That’s why as a trusted advisory we hire and cultivate outstanding AWS cloud consultants who offer the perfect combination of relevant experience and certification in Amazon’s AWS Training & Certification program. Designed to guarantee excellence in each consultant offering AWS cloud services, we offer a large pool of talented, certified AWS experts who deliver.

8 AWS Technical Certified Individuals Pro

60 AWS Accredited Individuals

12 AWS Foundational Certified Individuals

23 AWS Technical Certified Individuals

What it means to be an AWS Consulting Partner

The AWS Partnership Network is an initiative created by Amazon to create and maintain a repository of vetted, quality AWS consultancies committed to the standard of excellence AWS promises to its customers.
AWS cloud consulting specialists provide strategic advice to customers interested in creating, designing or optimizing workloads through the Amazon Web Services cloud platform.
As an Advanced AWS Partner, iTechArt has not only exceeded the core competencies required to be a Consulting Partner, but routinely provides a significant number of clients with customized services and/or products that are consistently high-performing.

AWS that meets your needs

iTechArt’s AWS consultants start by listening closely and analyzing where you are now and where you want to go to wind up with a clear path forward.

Reach your operational goals

Our clients benefit from our extensive experience with cloud-native development and implementation of operational procedures that empower our clients. With iTechArt at your side, you can reach your goals and then continue to innovate.

Reduce time to market

We help lay the groundwork for more durable, scalable solutions. Equally important, we help reduce time to market: By leveraging our experience in building diverse AWS solutions, you can avoid the roadblocks that can bog down a project.

AWS Cloud consulting services


We start every consultation with an assessment of your current challenges, taking the time to listen carefully to understand your desired outcomes. From there, our senior AWS experts can provide you with insight and advice on next steps.
Our team works holistically, analyzing your current solution and determining what kind of AWS integration will optimize your operations. If needed, they’ll work with you to handpick engineers with the right technical skills, industry knowledge, and culture fit to build just the team you need to achieve your goals.

High-level strategy

Our team has diverse experience that can be unleashed to help you arrive at the optimal roadmap. We can fold in advice on security, data analytics, AI, encryption, and blockchain when needed. As part of our technology assessment, we make sure your AWS build isn’t just compatible with the infrastructure your operation uses but maximizes the efficiency of your entire operation. Additionally, if you’re looking to create an expanded strategy for the future that will reap the benefits of an AWS-powered solution, we can help you find areas of opportunity.

Streamlined Testing

We have in-depth experience with AWS workflows and countless hours logged implementing them for our clients. Our AWS cloud consulting team can work with you to create a solution that features an engaging user experience and maximizes your team’s productivity. Our team seamlessly integrates the workflows needed to both streamline your application development and testing as well as gather valuable operational data for analysis. The result is faster progress through the development cycle and ultimately a more durable and effective product.

Migration and Automation

If you’re planning to transition to an AWS solution but want to preserve your existing infrastructure, we’ll create a migration plan to move your current workloads to AWS with little to no downtime. You might also want to use some of the AWS-specific automation tools to automate existing functions. We can help with automating existing processes as well as set up automatic notifications to free up time and personnel.

Why AWS?

Amazon Web Services is the most widely adopted and expansive cloud platform in the world, with more than 200 featured services and regional data centers.

World-class service to millions of customers

    Cost-effective, flexible, and scalable

      Ideal for a range of enterprises:

      • Growing startups
      • Large, established corporations
      • Government agencies

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