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Cross-platform application development services is our forte. We build dedicated teams that create and deliver robust mobile apps available right away for both iOS and Android platforms.
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Cross-platform app
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As a cross-platform mobile development company, we challenge ourselves to design and develop new software applications utilizing battle‑tested technologies.

React Native

By using the very same principles under the hood (read React and JavaScript), it’s easy to mimic the look and feel of native iOS and Android apps while enhancing them with “hard-to-live-without” features.


Long gone are the days of simple fast applications. Flutter offers a whole new level of speed, performance, scalability, and "two-apps-at-a-time" way of development.


Formerly known as PhoneGap, Cordova helps reduce the time spent on development while creating feature-rich cross-platform solutions.


While being a simple platform for cross-platform app development, this sound framework enables fast development of great solutions fully compliant with App Store and Play Market requirements.

Bringing great ideas to life

We translate core concepts into elegant user interfaces with rich end-user experiences no matter the complexity. With our customized cross-platform app development services we pinpoint the most feasible option while taking into consideration your strategic goals and deadlines.
UI/UX app design
The way your app looks and feels is of paramount importance to us. Here at iTechArt, we’ve mastered the idea of creating highly functional cross-platform native alike apps.
Architecture engineering
We make sure app architecture can be reused across platforms, putting scalability and reliability in the foundation of a cross‑platform app.
Custom development
Following proven delivery methods, we know how to create tailored cross-platform solutions with a “wow” factor. After a successful app launch and user feedback, we trim its edges to perfection.
App testing
By using proven testing tools combined with top talent testing experience, we constantly monitor your app to make sure you’re not missing important issues.
Providing recommendations and estimations, our cross-platform disrupters ensure a smooth and hassle-free transition to a freshly chosen tech stack.
iTechArt will help you tackle challenges associated with app maintenance and continue to enhance your cross-platform solution with hot market‑driven features.

Proven path for cross-platform app development

With 7+ years expertise in building sound cross-platform apps and a lineup of 300+ successful mobile projects delivered so far, you’re in safe hands developing your innovative mobile solution with us.

Quick start and team set up

While helping you create a brand new cross-platform mobile app, we start with a hand-picked assembly of individuals passionate about their work. We’re agile and your needs always come first when it comes to scaling up your team of app engineers.

Fast deployment

Single codebase under the roof of a cross-platform mobile solution speeds up delivery as it’s easier to embark upon new features or fix bugs. We know all the latest technology ins and outs and will bring great concepts into a successful apps.

Focus on your business goals

When you entrust iTechArt’s cross-platform solution development, you can focus on more important aspects of your business, like setting up new goals and exploring new markets. Whenever you need any change in the code, we’ll take care of it.

Breaking industry verticals

Keep pace with current market needs. Building disruptive solutions for new technology domains is our craft. Check out how our team hits the charts of cross-platform mobile app development.

Project management
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Stay ahead of the tech curve

The success of a new cross-platform application starts when you share your plans and strategic business goals. After mapping out your business strategy, we will handle the entire development process from ideation to successful Play Market and App Store launch.
Requirements examination
After a thorough investigation of your demands, we work out a step by step strategy to leverage best of breed tools and technologies and bring true value to your business.
Gathering top talents
Once a strategy is put in place, we provide you seasoned candidates with the needed skills and domain knowledge that will form your dedicated app development team.
Application engineering
Following a customer-centric approach, we deliver end-to-end cross-platform solutions enhanced with a beautiful UI experience and required feature set to ensure your solution meets the stated goals and deadlines.
Release and maintenance
After a successful cross-platform app launch, we stay in the loop to fine-tune the app while adding more features and integrations, be it social networks, payment gateways or maps.
Requirements examination
Gathering top talents
Application engineering
Release and maintenance

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