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iTechArt makes the most of DevOps practices to help clients deliver without sacrificing infrastructure capacities and production environment. With our DevOps team, you will be empowered to shake up today's hight-velocity business world.
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We will DevOps you

Whether you’re a business titan or a daring young startup, DevOps is not easy to implement. iTechArt offers a variety of DevOps services to help you roll out crucial features and updates with less stress and effort.
DevOps strategy review
We assess your DevOps maturity level to determine areas for improvements, come up with a high-quality roadmap, and recommend best-fit tools and methodologies.
DevOps implementation
Whether you’re currently familiar with or new to adopt DevOps, you’ll get a development, test, and production DevOps pipeline with one‑click automation.
Integration of 3rd-party solutions
Our DevOps engineers integrate the latest open-source and third-party tools and services across the entire automated workflow, thus meeting ever‑changing customer needs.

Why iTechArt’s DevOps is hot

There are many great things about our DevOps services, but here’s what we think you’ll like the most:

Holistic approach

We bring together development, testing, operations and feedback in a single, iterative workflow. As a DevOps company, we believe in balance, which means more collaboration between the teams, less bad code, and less firefighting.

Faster response to changes

With agile delivery comes the ability to quickly address rapidly evolving customer and market demands as well as improve the software at the highest rate possible.

Automated QA and testing

To speed up feature deployment, we speed up testing. We take an integrated approach in which quality is everyone’s responsibility and is firmly connected to continuous development, build and deployment.

Transparent process

We always keep you in the loop so you have full visibility into the progress, can identify issues earlier, and plan more efficiently.

DevOps tools and practices we use

As trust is the foundation of our DevOps philosophy, we get into the essence of what it means for your company. We don’t just understand the business value of DevOps - we implement it effectively.


We continuously merge code changes into the testing/production environment, which allows for a higher delivery rate.


We build a large application out of small services running independently and communicating with each other through HTTP-based APIs or other protocols.

Infrastructure as a code

We use version control and CI to automatically set up and configure infrastructure elements, such as OS, host, and operational tasks, thus reducing the time spent on repeated manual operations.

Policy as code

As a DevOps solution provider, we proactively track metrics and logs to see how the product and infrastructure effect end-user experience.

Let’s get your project in gear

Through the entire lifecycle of starting up and scaling, iTechArt works shoulder-to-shoulder with you in a flexible and responsive way. We are not Time Lords, but we will give you back the critical time you need to focus on business while your dedicated team creates software miracles.


Be it web or mobile, we set a bold ambition to build impact for and with your company. Tell us what you are looking for, and we’ll come up with a robust plan for action.

Team setup

In just 24 hours, you will have the first CVs. We match the right challenges with the right candidates to set up the team that takes your company's vision and goes big to excel.

Kick start

We establish efficient operational, communication processes and choose the winning backend development stack to put your solution in motion.


We build a solution in accordance with your requirements with an emphasis on clean code and improved productivity, which makes sure your backend will hold strong in any scenario.

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