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Beautiful, performant native experiences never go out of style. Backed by young and daring Flutter, iTechArt’s engineers deliver customizable multi-platform solutions to help your business reach stratospheric heights.
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Our engineers follow your requirements step-by-step, developing Flutter products with precision that rivals a Swiss-watchmaker. This is how we make it possible:

Custom Flutter developmentCustom Flutter development iTechArt’s team has captured the highs (and very highs) of Flutter to help your app strike a chord right in the sweet spot between perpetual business machine and user-favorite. UI/UX designUI/UX design The collab between Flutter and Google’s Material Design will be a huge eye-opener on what expressive, pixel-perfect UIs look like. Architecture engineeringArchitecture engineering We create unified Flutter experiences, drastically reducing the time and effort you need to spin your application Real-time animationReal-time animation How about putting your solution in motion? We are locked and loaded to visualize even the most insane ideas with real-time design assets that can be customized at any moment.

In the beginning
was Flutter...

We’ve already put Flutter into 10+ projects and are ready to use it for your big-bang project. Our Flutter development experts can step in at any project stage as part of your in-house team or solo...whatever works best.

Stream your way and to the top
  • Flutter is a cross-platform rising star
  • Universal technology
  • Alibaba, Google, and Reddit choose Flutter
Experience pitch-perfect execution
  • On-demand updates and reports
  • Team set up and scaling in days
  • Future-proof QA and refinement of your product
Rock your industry sky-high
  • Proficient in 30+ verticals
  • Deep expertise in AI, IoT, blockchain, AR and VR
  • Emphasis on security and compliance
Make sure we mean it
  • A solid local community of Flutter engineers
  • We adjust to your tools, processes, methodologies, etc.
  • First CVs of vetted candidates delivered in 24 hours

Be one of the trailblazers
with Flutter solutions

Even though it’s a newbie, Flutter seems to be hater-proof and its trademark hooks hit right into users’ hearts and minds. It has literally galloped its way to fame mainly because of the following:

Native-level performance Champion speed UI for all platforms Rapidly growing talent network

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