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iTechArt’s dedicated development teams create great products that get users hooked, generate revenue and take over the charts. Our commitment to superior mobile application development services is what sets us apart from our competitors.

All-round mobile app development services

We destroy all custom mobile app development myths by creating applications of any complexity. With more than 300 successful projects, our mobile team builds consumer and enterprise apps with excellent scalability and UX.


Our dedicated teams provide high-quality services that cover the entire iOS lifecycle from initial design to maintenance. Armed with Swift and Objective C, we create engaging iOS applications that help you stay ahead of the competition.


We help you create scalable and secure Android applications with a multitude of mission-critical functions and stunning UX to address the ever-changing technology landscape as well as your strategic business objectives.


At iTechArt, we are adept in delivering cross-platform apps that help you accelerate your time-to-market and reach a wider audience without compromising quality. Our team will help you get into the Google Play and App Store with one code.

Step-by-step to a foolproof mobile app development

As a custom mobile application development company, we are committed to helping startups and grown-up businesses alike streamline the development process.

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and strategy
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UI and
UX design
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QA and testing
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STEP 1Concepting and strategy We merge your idea and our mobile development expertise into a solid basis for an application and come up with a strategy that works perfectly for you. STEP 2UI and UX design iTechArt’s forte is an innate understanding of users. Our talented design team makes sure that your app offers the best experience on each platform. STEP 3Development Our senior developers come up with perfect architecture that ensures scalability and incomparable performance. STEP 4QA and testing With a huge testing lab, we make sure your app runs smoothly on any iOS or Android device. STEP 5Launch We take precise steps in launching your app and getting it into the store. Our team ensures the application promotes interest and drives lots of downloads. STEP 6Ongoing enhancement Once your app is launched, we follow our long-term commitment to continuously develop and improve it as your business evolves.

Why work with iTechArt

  • Proven experience. Excellence is firmly embedded in our DNA as a mobile app development company. 70% of our mobile team is comprised of senior developers, each boasting over 6 years of experience and dozens of apps on the market. That’s why you are in good company. And yes, we’ll help you solve the notorious native vs. cross-platform dilemma once and forever.
  • Proactive approach. We were among the pioneers that got their hands on the first stable releases of iOS and Android. And we don’t limit ourselves to achieved results. We keep up with the rapidly changing mobile development landscape and swiftly react to any change in order to provide a value-added UX.
  • Mobile-first team. At iTechArt, we create an environment where everyone feels empowered and productive to exceed our clients’ expectations for quality, service and value. Together with an outstanding team, you’ll be unshakeable as you advance on your journey to success.

Extending the value of your mobile applications

Mobile application development has multiple dimensions, and we have a plan to make the most of it. Across industries – from FinTech to healthcare – we are looking for ways to add value to our services in line with the latest technologies.

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Intelligence.png Intelligence_hover.png Intelligence_active.png
Artificial Intelligence
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Internet of Things
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Cloud computing
AR/VR We’re all about Augmented and Virtual Reality. They are developing at breakneck pace, so our engineers combine them with the power of mobile. With iTechArt, your experience will be fully immersive. Artificial Intelligence AI-powered solutions not only provide assistance in your day-to-day tasks, but also help you make the most of your data by gaining meaningful insights and making smart decisions. Internet of Things Our dedicated developers connect the unconnected. With Internet of Things integration and our development skills, the opportunities for your IoT mobile applications are limited only to your imagination. Blockchain We prove that blockchain and mobile app development is a perfect match. Our team will ensure that blockchain’s distributed and secure architecture boost the competitiveness of your products. Cloud computing Our team is embracing cloud computing with its limitless processing power and storage to create impactful mobile applications and reach never-before-conceived levels of functionality.

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