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Successful mobile apps demand a keen understanding of the fierce competition within your app store category as well as friction-free UX. We offer the perfect blend of technical expertise and deep understanding of the crowded mobile landscape.
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Comprehensive mobile app development services

iTechArt’s mobile app experts have built more than 300 successful consumer and enterprise mobile apps in categories ranging from gaming to productivity, and we have experience with every phase of the mobile app lifecycle from initial design to maintenance. We know what it takes to build a mobile app that is reliable and secure — and has the “wow” factor that delights users.
Our dedicated mobile dev teams are armed with deep knowledge of Swift and Objective-C.
Up-to-the-minute understanding of Java and Kotlin underpins our development of Android apps.
One codebase: That’s all you need to deploy your app to the App Store or Google Play. Our engineers develop hybrid code so you not only benefit from accelerated time to market and reduced maintenance, but reach and engage more valuable users.

Step-by-step to a foolproof mobile app development

A step-by-step process
Mobile app development is particularly complex because the competition is so fierce — one upstart app can literally transform the mobile landscape from one day to the next. That’s why it’s important to have a mobile dev team that has a tried-and-true, streamlined approach that spans the app lifecycle.

Initial concept and strategy

Armed with a keen understanding of the established players and rising stars in your app category, we help you refine your concept and nail down a go-to-market strategy.

UI and UX design

With mobile apps, nothing spells doom quite like poor UI and UX design. We build apps that are visually engaging and offer users a friction-free experience.


Our senior developers build mobile app architecture that is robust and flexible, so it’s easy for subsequent developers to expand it, test it, change it, scale it, and debug it so that it performs optimally.

QA and testing

Our QA lab takes a comprehensive approach to its work, with a focus that goes well beyond assessing mobile app performance to identifying issues with interruptions, connectivity, and compliance.


With iTechArt, mobile app launch includes keeping an eye on buzz and the rate of downloads.

Ongoing enhancement

Your criteria for success will change over time as your app gains traction in the app stores and as you envision new features. Our mobile dev engineers are on standby to scale, iterate, and optimize your mobile app as the reviews pour in and its user base grows.

Why work with

Proven experience

Senior developers make up about 70% of our mobile team, each one bringing over six years of experience building dozens of apps. They can help you tackle even the thorniest challenges in mobile development.

A proactive approach

The mobile landscape changes quickly given how competitive it is and how swiftly the technology evolves. Our mobile devs stay abreast of the latest and greatest so your app showcases best-in-class features and specifications.

Mobile-first team

“Mobile-first” has become a mantra in business, so we come to the table prepared to deliver a seamless in-app experience that builds loyalty among users and yields powerful data.

The latest trends

We work across industries and categories to build consumer and enterprise apps that incorporate fast-moving, disruptive technologies.


Advances are made on a daily basis in augmented and virtual reality. Our mobile developers can incorporate cutting-edge in-app AR and VR.

Artificial Intelligence

When AI is unleashed in mobile apps, it can enable functionality ranging from image recognition to chatbots. It can also bolster your data analytics so you can make informed business decisions.

Internet of Things

Mobile apps that capitalize on IoT are revolutionizing consumer behavior. We have experience building apps that connect people, objects, the internet, and data in a range of industries, including healthcare.


Our mobile app developers are experts at leveraging the power of blockchain and create effective, easy-to-use mobile interfaces for blockchain applications.

Cloud computing

Our mobile apps leverage the robustness, security, and performance of the latest cloud technology, ensuring that your product can withstand surges in user acquisition.

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