Performance testing

We’ve devised a line-up of performance testing services to help you reveal and cure the pain points of your solution. From your first call on, we’ll stay by your side until your application’s performance is stellar.

We check it off

  • Performance (application speed)
  • Behavior under load (users, data)
  • Scalability

Performance testing in action

We watch out for every aspect of your application performance and practice quite a deal of testing types:

Load testing. We offer load testing services to crash-test the limits of your application so that it can stand as many users and as much data as you need.

Stress testing. What if your app is to become an overnight hit? We reveal how ready it is for a sudden strike of extreme traffic and volumes of user requests.

Soak testing. When you’re up for a big game, your application must endure high loads that can last for weeks. We roll up our sleeves to make sure it’s possible.

Volume testing

In big projects, we think big too. We test so that any – and we mean it, any – volume of data won’t disturb your system’s performance.

Is that it?

Far from that. Be sure, we never leave our performance testing projects without first ensuring it all works as required.

  • We keep you always updated on the progress
  • We don’t just look for what’s – we also look for why’s
  • We share what we find – issues, weak points, bottlenecks and whatnots
  • We recommend how to fix it all

The tools

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