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Building robust, multi-tenant software-as-a-service applications is our specialty. Looking for a go-to SaaS software development partner? You’ve come to the right page.
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Game-changing SaaS product development

Web-based applications have totally disrupted on-premise solutions and become an essential part of how modern companies work. The journey of digital transformation starts with the idea of perfect software as a service solution. This is where iTechArt comes in as your SaaS development team.

Make every part of your business more robust with SaaS

Why SaaS is the future
With SaaS, all you need is a net connection and log in information to access the new software. As long as an Internet connection is available, the applications can be accessed from any location offering its users a plethora of advantages such as scalability and integration, enhanced security, reduced time-to-benefit, faster releases, etc.
How we capitalize on the SaaS opportunity
With a clear understanding of what real-world challenges SaaS can solve for you and your customers, our SaaS experts build a well-organized and configurable SaaS solution that can be accessed from anywhere with only a few clicks.
80% of businesses already use at least one SaaS application
The annual growth rate of the SaaS software market is 18%
SaaS companies lose only $1 out of every $200 monthly revenue
For most SaaS companies, churn rate is just 5% annually
SaaS apps boast up to 16.7% less maintenance costs

Why SaaS with us

Fast product launch

We know that speed really matters when building a product. Our experts always keep up with the times and learn quickly to help you adjust to shifting customer expectations.

Responsive UI

Our designers use the best industry practices to create a SaaS project that provides your users with a highly intuitive navigation and responsive interface boosting your user retention rate.

Productive SaaS team

Our tech teams always stay in the know of the most recent developments in SaaS and undergo training to bring new, high-quality software to market at a faster clip.

Effective resource management

Our SaaS developers always use the best resource management software and SaaS tools to deliver the best quality for your customers and future users.

Strong QA team

Our QA specialists create a strong QA testing strategy that detects any production bug, while powering you with extra speed, quality, and productivity.

Next-gen features

iTechArt specialists help companies migrate to SaaS as well as improve the existing software with a variety of advanced features like predictive analytics, reporting, etc.

Enjoyable UX

We make sure your application doesn’t just ‘work’ but deliver a differentiated user experience – for a sure success in the SaaS application world.

Product management expertise

Our SaaS product managers possess not only the great technical know-how but also all the crucial soft skills needed to develop an outstanding product that exceeds clients expectations.

Unrivaled scalability

Our SaaS services allow partnering companies to build reliable, scalable, and maintainable apps with the ability to handle a growing number of customers, clients, or users.

SaaS services we provide

Experts in any SaaS platform on the market, we reimagine experiences across industries and entire businesses to drive sustainable growth for our clients. Here's a highlight of just some of our capabilities.
Customer relationship management
Our ultimate goal is to improve your interaction with current and potential customers, specifically focusing on navigating your business toward growth and success.
Cloud HR software
Making the most of the SaaS multi-tenant architecture, we address the various needs of human resource planning, enabling companies to arrange, manage, staff, and develop an efficient and intrinsically happy workforce.
ERP development
iTechArt builds SaaS products that automate all important back-office functions across analytics, accounting, inventory and product management, and more.
Marketing and sales
We know the true value of conversions. Our team assists businesses in streamlining the entire lifecycle of selling their products, thus helping capture, nurture, and convert more leads.
With iTechArt engineers on board, you’ll get an effective solution aimed to organize your income, expenses, and assets.
Supply chain
Our powerful and easy-to-use tools transform various product features across scheduling, procurement, production, and traceability.

By the numbers

200+ SaaS projects successfully completed
30+ industries we have expertise in
2700+ top-notch engineers
30% less time to market
2 weeks from contract to kick-off
5.6% attrition rate — the industry’s lowest — meaning no setbacks

SaaS product development
for your industry

iTechArt is your true strategic partner. We advise on the development strategy and implement SaaS solutions tailored to your industry to help you drive sustainable growth and out-innovate the competition.

SaaS for healthtech

  • EMR (electronic medical records), EHR (electronic health records), PACS, telehealth

SaaS for eLearning

  • LMS (cloud learning management systems)

SaaS for finance

  • SaaS accounting tools

SaaS for real estate

  • Transaction management tools and software

SaaS for eCommerce

  • SaaS tools for shipping, selling, and providing a unique experience for the customers

SaaS for marketing

  • Saas tools for digital advertising, from ad creation to revenue optimization

How we develop
SaaS applications that delight users

Here at iTechArt, we have 200+ SaaS developers ready to take your product or solution from ideation to the “next big thing.” Here’s how our development process looks like:

Application design

We help create application architecture from the ground up with scalability and security in mind. Our technically hip designers and developers take your original idea and get the ball rolling.

Ongoing development

Looking for ways to maintain your application or want to add some ground-breaking features? We meet all your expectations and will make sure your solution stays optimized throughout its lifecycle.

Migration and integration

Feel the need to migrate your app to a new and more efficient stack? No problem. We’ll set you up and put your solution to work. If you need to integrate a SaaS product with existing ERPs or third-party software, we’ve also got you covered.

Solution testing

Fault-tolerant performance is key to the success of your app. iTechArt team provides testing, test automation, and manual testing to ensure stable and error-free operation.

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  • Microsoft Azure
  • AWS
  • Google Cloud platform
  • PyTorch
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • JS
  • Java
  • Oracle
  • NodeJS

Featured work

Rocketrip Travel SaaS
CareDox HealthTech SaaS
YunoJuno SaaS Enterprise Software

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