Salesforce consulting
and custom development

When out-of-the-box Salesforce tools can’t do the job, iTechArt steps in as your go-to Salesforce consulting and implementation partner.

You’re in safe hands

Whether you opt for Salesforce implementation services, an expert’s advice on the current state of your Salesforce instance, cloud deployment, or migration to Lightning Experience, we have it all covered.

Salesforce consulting services
Salesforce consulting services As a Salesforce consulting company, we translate business requirements into Salesforce language with mind-blowing user experiences, solutions for business process automation, and ERP/third party integrations. Out team helps you evolve with a detailed game plan to connect CRM expectations and actual Salesforce system capabilities.
Salesforce quick start
Salesforce quick start Deployment and further Salesforce development is the silver bullet you need to take all operations to the upper level. By carefully reviewing your existing ecosystem and processes, the iTechArt squad delivers powerful solutions or 3rd party system integrations designed for sales nurturing, marketing automation, or streamlining customer support, etc.
Salesforce managed services
Salesforce managed services Our Salesforce customization service is what guarantees CRM success. When business is growing and constantly changing, the same should apply to Salesforce CRM. Clouds, products, applications, or integrations…we’re here to customize and fine-tune Salesforce, aligning it with sales, customer, or user needs.
AppExchange application development
AppExchange application development We’ve successfully passed Salesforce security reviews and assisted a number of clients in getting ISVforce or OEM partner status. Custom Salesforce application development is our forte. We will be with you all along the way, from the design and deployment stage to AppExchange submission and post release application support.

Salesforce consulting: Blending cloud expertise

Embrace the change with Salesforce configuration and customization, release management and deployment services delivered by our time-tested team of experts. We’ll work hand-in-hand with all stakeholders to make sure every need is met.

img Media FinTech Automotive Non-profit Healthcare Ecommerce Marketing and AdTech Insurance Education

Media FinTech Automotive Non-profit Healthcare Ecommerce Marketing and AdTech Insurance Education

Salesforce Cloud expertise: moving above the clouds

With Salesforce-certified solution architects and application development experts, we craft customer-centered solutions from the ground up and go way beyond deployment. iTechArt’s dedicated team knows all the ins and outs when it comes to fine-tuning the Salesforce clouds, including cloud deployment, development, migration, integration, customization, and support.

Sales Cloud Sales Cloud Sales Cloud
Sales Cloud
Service Cloud Service Cloud Service Cloud
Service Cloud
Marketing Cloud Marketing Cloud Marketing Cloud
Marketing Cloud
Community Cloud Community Cloud Community Cloud
Community Cloud
Health Cloud Health Cloud Health Cloud
Health Cloud
Sales Cloud Sales Cloud is the go-to solution to manage leads and opportunities, forecast sales, and increase team productivity. Through cloud deployments and enhancements, our seasoned Salesforce experts can add all-purpose components and applications to unlock the hidden potential your sales team. Service Cloud On-demand one-to-one communication reduces frustration over the services provided and helps instantly address customer needs. Our Service Cloud specialists are here to supercharge the existing solution or deploy a new one by adding Live Agent capabilities, setting up the right process of case management, or adding AI capabilities. Marketing Cloud For any marketer, there is nothing more valuable that being able to engage with the audience at the right moment and through the right channel. By bringing the Salesforce Marketing Cloud into play, the iTechArt team of Salesforce engineers put solutions to work for personalized email campaigns, mobile messaging, social media or advertising marketing automation. Community Cloud A carefully designed Salesforce Community Cloud revamps the way employees, partners, suppliers, and customers interact. Driven by the idea of connecting people in a whole new way, our squad of dedicated engineers create feature-rich websites and portals designed to serve as a central hub for all communication needs. Health Cloud Stay competitive while blazing new trails to more personalized care with the Healthcare Cloud. From Health Cloud implementation to overall patient management - our endeavor is to put things to work at scale.

Putting Salesforce to work

As a Salesforce consulting partner, we create a CRM roadmap for success with a blow-by-blow list of cloud, product, and application integrations - all for the sake of bridging the gaps between Salesforce product concepting and actual system performance.

Here is how we ensure that Salesforce - powered by standard or custom-build functionality - performs at scale.

Salesforce consulting
Salesforce development Salesforce development
Testing Testing hover Testing active
Testing Testing SF Testing
Further customization and enhancements Release Release
STEP 1Requirements Accelerate cloud adoption and digital transformation by sharing pains, vision of Salesforce environment, and business-critical products or clouds you’re planning to onboard. STEP 2Salesforce
As a result of deep Salesforce ecosystem assessments, the Salesforce consultants provide a detailed optimization roadmap along with KPIs and measurement plans - all designed to streamline Cloud adoption.
STEP 3Development As a Salesforce development company, we customize and configure the system so you can take advantage of your data while putting automation at scale. From early-stage conception to final execution - our team of functional consultants is here to accompany you to Salesforce success. STEP 4Testing Testing plays a crucial role in ensuring that everything was done right and all business needs are met. From Unit to Regression testing, we make the validation process painless while ensuring the system addresses pre-agreed upon requirements. STEP 5Release Navigated by the best practices of Salesforce implementation and customization, we double-check that the delivered solution will be up and running at all times. STEP 6Continuous
System release is not where our partnership ends. Our team continues adding enhancements and new features to increase the delivered Salesforce solution ROI.

Let’s get things rolling

We are flexible and respect our clients’ needs. Here is a list of cooperating models clients can settle upon when working with our team of Salesforce engineers.

Dedicated team

  1. Full-time and highly-skilled engineers hand-picked in line with your project needs
  2. Comprehensive knowledge of client’s Salesforce ecosystem and existing business processes
  3. Flexible project scopes

Time and material

  1. High flexibility on project scope and requirements
  2. Development using Agile methodology
  3. Transparent pay-as-you-go pricing model

Fixed price

  1. Precise project cost from day 1 to day X of solution release
  2. Clearly defined and agreed upon deadlines before project kick-off
  3. Minimized project risks

Support packages

  1. 40, 80 or 120 hour packages to get professional Salesforce support whenever it’s required
  2. Use-as-you-need services
  3. Quick start and ramp up upon request

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