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We’re not fast fashion. Our dedicated UI/UX experts craft appealing, responsive, and long-lasting software designs that help you enter and lead a particular domain in style.
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We make UI/UX groovy by design

We design solutions in your own “brand image.” We ensure that details such as color scheme, fonts, layout, icons, and imagery represents your business personality.
Research and analysis
Our UI/UX development team is driven by your wants and needs. We study project objectives with a fine-tooth comb to deliver relevant features with perfect design.
Competitive audit
iTechArt offers an objective overview of your competitors’ and industry leaders’ products to discover what works for them and whether it could be beneficial for your clients.
Web applications
TechArt’s device-agnostic web design services adjust to multiple business domains. We guarantee your users flow through a well-organized application and perform the actions you expect.
UI/UX design services for mobile
As true mobile-first evangelists, we reduce the cognitive load brought by smaller screens, hand-held usage, and divided user attention. Our solutions save precious time and allow for seamless experience.
and prototypes
Without getting bogged down in the details, we test the overall design strategy and mitigate possible financial and operational risks in the future. We make sure nothing is missed or overlooked.
Design systems and usability testing
We are virtuosos and ensure consistency across all design systems. Using custom checklists, we examine solutions against industry-recognized usability standards like accessibility, adaptability, etc.

Design thinking at iTechArt

Brainstorming is not a creative utopia but simply the way we work. Design thinking workshops are held to uncover hidden problems in non-trivial ways, ensuring that your product is not only a user favorite, but also viable in terms of company resources.

Emphasize Define Ideate Prototype Test

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the intuitive designs

iTechArt’s design philosophy is not about “art for art's sake“ — we aim for logical and technical beauty. Our UI/UX development team builds optimized information architecture where users get what they want when they need it.

Image to image,
pixel to pixel
  • Development-ready designs
  • 30% less time spent on delivery
  • Reduced development costs
product design
  • Continuous research insights
  • All-new products and redesign
  • Increased brand awareness
Solutions of
every stripe
  • Web, landing pages, mobile, and
    desktop solutions
  • Expertise in 20+ industries
  • 50+ successful projects
We design
your future
  • Fully-dedicated designers
  • 55+ years of collective experience
  • Trusted by VC-backed companies

The UI/UX world is in flux…
and so are we

We constantly travel through the design space-time continuum picking the tools and practices that suit you best. Likewise, we closely review our future designers to ensure a harmonious fit into your team.

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Sketch
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Zeplin
  • Invision

The art and craft of UI/UX design solutions

Requirements gathering
Strategy mapping
UI and UX design
Development stage

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