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Tap into iTechArt’s dedicated teams with multi-skilled Angular development services and an eagerness to tackle the most daring ideas.
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New-school Angular development services

Since Angular’s inception in 2010, we’ve been keeping up with the framework’s latest and greatest tools to spark new opportunities and upend long established markets. Groovy Angular applications are our party trick – and we keep doing it over and over.

Web development

Warning: we use a killer combination of Angular and TypeScript to create large-scale dynamic websites and interactive applications.

Upgrade and migration

Once you part ways with your old stack, we will help you migrate your current app to a newer Angular version or port from another platform entirely.

UX/UI services

With a sound expertise in Angular Material, our crackerjack devs deliver an outstanding user experience on any device across mobile and web.

Single page applications

We love building interactive SPAs to ensure cross-platform compatibility, as well as provide more fluid and responsive experiences.

Part business, part technology, part cool

With iTechArt, you don’t simply hire additional developers to beef up your team — instead, you get access to 200+ experts’ worth of frontend knowledge to get you around any obstacle. And that’s how your nice-to-haves get a new - even a little bit of perfectionist ‑ twist.

A good grasp

  • Customized Angular solutions
  • Well-versed in the latest Angular versions
  • Reusable, testable, and maintainable code

A host of new opportunities

  • Easy integration with client's existing process
  • Quick start
  • Reduced time-to-market

On the cutting edge

  • Mature processes
  • High security standards
  • Accessible applications

Proactive project team

  • 20+ industries covered
  • 50+ Angular development projects
  • Swift team scale up

Angular solutions in action

We are searching for the next A-list techstar and it could be you! The iTechArt team will help you avoid the trap of treating your application as another has‑been.

Real-time applications

Don’t like waiting? You don’t have to. From data monitoring to instant messaging, we build solutions that produce real time results no matter the distances and effects of network congestion.

Portal development

We create company and customer-focused web portals that not only provide access to the organized data and content, but also automate related routines.

Plug-ins development

The iTechArt Angular team just hates the limits. We expand the functionality of your website with any third party extension you wish to use.

E-commerce solutions

We’ve mastered the ins-and-outs of E-commerce software development. Our team develops shopping carts, B2B portals, e-shops and many more to enhance the online presence of your business.

Social media apps

We love creating social media applications the Angular way. You'll go beyond traditional social networks to spicy scenarios such as niche apps, photo and video-based messaging, social learning services and more.

Our Angular development stack

Our Angular development expertise comes in especially handy as part of the MEAN stack, as we can ensure unrivaled flexibility relying on a single language — JavaScript — on both ends. However, we don’t mind good experiments — once a new tech starts to catch wind, we definitely give it a shot.

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