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We leverage our comprehensive expertise in JavaScript and JavaScript-empowered frameworks to build dynamic web applications that work the on-screen magic your users long for.
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The JavaScript world is really amazing when it comes to all the frameworks available for creating innovative solutions. While there is no silver bullet for custom software development, we have ample domain-driven expertise to help you create chart-winning apps and services.

React.png React For our team, React is something of a trump card in the game for pixel-perfect UIs. If you need to render large lists of dynamic and data-heavy content within a single view, it’s your move. Vue.png Vue Your project needs a high-performance, lightweight UI library for building a juicy SPA? With Vue, you will easily spin up as many users in your web as you want. Angular Angular With Angular, the iTechArt squad is always in a “whatever it takes” mode to deliver robust, highly-interactive and data-driven web applications that meet the complex requirements of any business vertical. Node.png Node Node is a choose-your-own-adventure story, as you can scale wherever you want. You’ll be armed with real-time and data-intensive solutions such as chat apps, payment services, content management tools and many more.

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mobile_image RequestWe understand all do's and don'ts of your project to ensure its future success. Request Set upWe get back to you with the first carefully prescreened CVs. You interview future team members to find those who always strive to be at the front of the pack. Set up Kick-offYour brand-new engineering powerhouses work with you to put your solution in motion. Kick-off Keep runningFresh off the release, we scale your team upon your product’s increasing success. Keep running

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