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Within days, our open-source projects earn thousands of stars on GitHub and the likes. Our all-out dedicated teams have strategic instincts and know what’s on trend in software development.
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We love all things open source

The world of software development never stops changing - and neither do we. With our high-level coding expertise, we excel at open source development and have a flair for maintaining a competitive edge while building robust solutions.

pythonPython Since we’ve always gravitated toward flexible programming languages, Python is a slam dunk! Get ready to veer into the world of high-quality web development, automation, data analysis, and machine learning. phpPHP The PHP rise to stardom was meteoric. As big PHP fans, we build dynamic solutions ranging from simple web applications and sites to complex domain-specific systems. Ruby on RailsRuby on Rails Ruby on Rails has stolen billions of hearts and ours are no exception. Thanks to Rails’ versatility, scalability, and performance, every single iTechArt solution is a hotly-anticipated project. GolangGolang As Golang forces its competitors to sit up and take notice, we certainly paid attention. iTechArt brings the value of Go to web, microservices, DevOps and many other crucial particles of the tech universe.

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RequestOur team dives into the project core to find guys that will best deal with your tech challenge. Kick-offYour brand-new engineering hotshots work back-to-back with you to put your solution in motion. Set upIn just 24 hours, you'll have the first CVs. You interview candidates to find your perfect match. Keep runningWe easily scale up upon your request and progress. The bigger you get, the more we bring.

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