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iTechArt’s dedicated engineers grant React Native development wishes for those seeking greater customization freedom and performant apps.
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Been there... done that

Our team worked out an eclectic mix of React Native app development services to deliver two apps with an Android and iOS specific look and feel at a time.

Custom React Native developmentCustom React Native development We strictly follow iOS and Android guidelines to release a competitive application while adding graphics, charts, UI animations, and desired hardware-related features. Migration servicesMigration services When technical debt slows down business flows, we come to the rescue and migrate your code to React Native, optimizing the user experience and delivering higher speeds. 3rd party integration3rd party integration iTechArt integrates 3rd party solutions, including data storage solutions, analytics, crashlytics, etc. and adapt them to your needs and preferences. Helping your app go liveHelping your app go live We catch up at any stage of development, polish your product and push it to Google Play and the App Store as soon as possible

React Native development is never mainstream

We love native and cross-platform equally, but React Native is truly special. And it’s our duty as a React Native development company to prove it.

For Android, for iOS -
for always
  • 10+ years experience
  • Workflow aligned with your tools, processes, and mindset
  • Dedicated to Fortune 500 companies and spirited startups alike
Every direction
is right
  • Constantly refined software development lifecycle
  • Conscious about security, compliance, and risk management
  • Industry-leading quality assurance practices as a nice bonus
All shades of React Native
  • Moved, Dialogue, Showdigs, and many others stayed with iTechArt
  • More than 70 React Native apps featured
  • Experienced in real estate, healthtech, travel, fashion, and more
You make your own team
  • 50 React Native heavy hitters
  • Knowledge sharing meetups every week
  • Fully packed dedicated team in just 2 weeks

It’s not a framework,
it’s React Native

If you’re about to choose React Native and are still a bit doubtful about what you will get, we are giving you a flashforward: More with lessMore with less With only one code written, React Native means two times lower investments and two times more productivity. Easy to marketEasy to market With the React Native on-air changes, you save days on submission to the targeted app store. Even if your solution requires constant updates, they won’t affect your loyal users. Ever-growing communityEver-growing community We are natives of the cross-platform world. Since the React Native inception, iTechArt has stayed on top of and closely examines the rapidly expanding tech talent pool so you hire React Native developers of the highest qualifications.

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