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iTechArt provides trusted Ruby on Rails development services. With our stellar crew of RoR dedicated developers, you’ll get a product that your users will consider simply the best.
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Chart-topping Ruby on Rails development services

We like Ruby on Rails because it’s not only mainstream and cool, but incredibly powerful in delivering robust solutions with shorter time-to-market and increased scalability.

Custom RoR solutions

Being such good pals with Rails, we shine at building wow-worthy RoR-based solutions for projects of any complexity.

Web development

Ruby on Rails allows us to build feature-rich web applications more quickly and effectively than any other framework ever could.

Code refactoring

We are making the Ruby code cleaner and easier to manage, thus helping you ship quickly even as your Rails application matures.

QA and testing

Thanks to Rails, our team test products’ new features early in application development and address feedback on the fly. Things won’t get tricky, we promise.

API development

We create API-only applications and build REST APIs that ensure painless interaction between your application and the outside world.

Minimum viable product

iTechArt develops Rails-backed MVPs to validate whether your app is right for your target. And that is only the beginning of our collab.

Top Ruby development talent on board

Great RoR developers are hard to find, but we’ve gone through fire (and lots of Red Bull) to gather the brightest Ruby development minds in town under one roof. And we do our best to keep them loyal and happy at all times.

Never back for basics

  • 360-degree quality control
  • Sound expertise with scalable, high-load applications
  • Robust CI/CD pipeline

The very best practices

  • Ruby and RoR guidelines compliance
  • 100% test coverage
  • Agile delivery

On air for any show

  • 15+ years of impact
  • Well-versed in 20+ industries
  • Steadily expanding portfolio

Shine bright like a Ruby

  • 70+ solid Ruby on Rails developers
  • Over 350 combined years of collective experience
  • Strong learning network of like-minded Ruby geeks

You’ll have a crush on our RoR solutions

The iTechArt application development team balances the light and dark forces to make you love our products and help turn your customers into passionate brand devotees.

Plug-ins and components

The iTechArt team supports business transformation by developing complementary components and plug-ins to help any solution get its glow up.

SPA backends

iTechArt uses ROR as a backend for single page applications with dynamic data loading and improved UX.

CMS development services

We develop robust, well-rounded software that helps you create, manage, and share any information across your company

E-commerce applications

Our team of Rails masterminds will help you gain trust by delivering E-commerce solutions that boast fast loading, interactive design, and super easy navigation.

Web portals development

With our Ruby on Rails application development services, your company will get an equally-advanced web portal enabling omnichannel communication between all stakeholders.

Just can’t get enough of RoR

Whether you’re a longtime Ruby on Rails follower, or newly mad for this tech, the iTechArt team is always up to speed with the latest twists and turns.


Frameworks and technologies

  • Ruby (2.1 - 3.0)
  • RoR (4.2 - 6.1)
  • Sinatra
  • Background Jobs
  • Grape
  • Dry
  • Hanami
  • Rspec
  • Background Jobs
  • Rspec

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