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Java and .NET, true Ivy Leaguers among their buddies, go head-to-head in the programming world. Yet we don’t determine the champion — instead, our dedicated teams work on ambitious large-scale projects and scalable high-load systems that are powered by these trusty technologies.
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Java and .NET solutions: Classic but classy

Java and .NET are virtually everywhere. If you’re at a crossroads choosing between these battle-tested solutions, our dedicated team of go-getters will translate your ideas into effective initiatives.

NET.png.NET Our team is tight-lipped on details, but we use the .NET powerful tooling at full blast to build all types of trusted and secure applications for web, mobile, desktop, and the Internet of Things. Java.pngJava Java has free reign over the major computing platforms, offering highly customized applications and services. At iTechArt, we develop unique portable and high-performance Java solutions and ensure that there are no any doppelgangers on the market.

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RequestOur team dives into the project core to find guys that will best deal with your tech challenge. Kick-offYour brand-new engineering hotshots work back-to-back with you to put your solution in motion. Set upIn just 24 hours, you'll have the first CVs. You interview candidates to find your perfect match. Keep runningWe easily scale up upon your request and progress. The bigger you get, the more we bring.

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