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If you fell wildly in love with marketing and art of advertising, iTechArt can put you front and center. We develop automated end-to-end platforms that solve unique customer-acquisition problems.
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Marketing and IT work together in perfect synergy. Likewise, we team up with you to design, engineer, deliver and refine high-quality Martech and Adtech software solutions.

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Software development services
focused on your requirements

iTechArt’s team focuses on all-in-one Martech and Adtech development services for tech companies, brands, research providers, publishers, and agencies.

Product engineering

With 15+ years of expertise in IT, we approach the Adtech and Martech ecosystems from both technical and business perspectives. We deliver a competitive product that takes care of all the marketing “P’s.”

Migration to digital

As digital media continues to disrupt traditional marketing practices, iTechArt empowers you with all the latest tools. We give you the keys to unlock previously unimagined business opportunities.

3rd party integration

From Google Analytics to Salesforce, we’ll quickly and easily integrate all necessary third-party services into your system.


Based on your KPIs, we carefully plan the workflow to find the best possible way to implement, integrate and configure your marketing platform.

Your success funnel

Ready for deeper customer insights, brand recognition, a growing number of conversions and eventually increased profits? With iTechArt, you'll get the feeling of zen because we have everything covered.
Zero budget waste
We scale quickly without scaling your budget. We meet your expectations and deliver a software solution that pays for itself.
Your most valuable asset: time
Time is a competitive advantage. Our up-to-date development pipeline saves you time and frees you up to focus on taking care of business.
More from less
iTechArt’s dedicated developers become part of your in-house team, bringing more commercial value and high-quality deliverables while eliminating the need for expensive benefits packages.

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