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AR and VR beat the real world at its own game. To help businesses get promoted to the premier league, we transform solutions through augmented, immersive, and 360° experiences that are highly intuitive and data-rich, and which place users at the center of the development.
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AR/VR app development services that make a tangible impact

A true opportunity is what's left when the hype has died down. Our team grabs it and creates solid solutions ranging from mobile apps to games to all-in-one virtual reality systems.
Custom AR development
iTechArt delivers AR apps overlaying users' environments with realistic 3D models and animation, ultra high definition video, and other custom-tailored data. Don't miss your opportunity to raise awareness, promote features, and improve user engagement.
Virtual reality software
We have the potential to transform any field including training, communication and collaboration, customer service, automotive, and culture study — all through the power of virtual reality and our software development expertise.
Mixed reality content
When physical and digital worlds collide to form something new, the results are revolutionary. iTechArt proves it by developing cross-platform, contextually aware spatial experiences.
360-degree video
We build software that supports omnidirectional video live streaming, while ensuring the highest possible quality, with minimal startup time and no buffering.
3D rendering services
Render photorealistic, interactive 3D content such as 360° panoramas, animation, walkthroughs, etc., and stream it straight to your devices in real‑time.
Dedicated teams
We build an engineering team tailored to your desired skill-set that blends flawlessly with your in‑house engineers.

An award-winning AR/VR app
development company

Turn your dreams to any reality

Leveraging OpenCV, Vuforia, ARKit, Unity, Wikitude Augmented Reality, and many more, we develop core functionality or augment your solution with some out-of-this-world elements to better serve your business purpose.

Our AR/VR expertise

With 10+ projects completed, iTechArt's team is taking full advantage of VR/AR disruptive potential. If needed, we can involve AI, IoT, and blockchain to reshape long-standing operational processes while opening a door to a fundamentally new vision. 

Facilitate remote work
Generate revenue and save costs
Enhance performance
Present content in an engaging way
Provide new value

Really passionate about your virtual experience

Momentum around VR and AR grows with each new deployment. Therefore, if you have too many ideas and plans but your solution is still like a green screen, we'll replace it with a technologically advanced and graphically appealing background. Here are a few techniques to help us.

Cross‑platform compatibility

We craft consistent, uncompromising cross-platform virtual experiences across smartphones, game consoles, tablets, 3D glasses, headsets, and wearables.

Location‑based AR products

Our team makes customized geoAR applications that provide users with relevant directional guidance based on GPS, accelerometer, and digital compass technologies.

Recognition‑based applications

Recognition-based augmentation enables us to produce apps that respond to ambient cues and intentional movements of bodies, faces, and all target real-world items, thus creating empathetic, personalized UX.

Sector-specific AR and VR solutions


  • Virtual fitting rooms
  • In-store navigation
  • AR shop consultants
  • Product search and customization assistance

Education and training

  • Immersive learning
  • Distance learning
  • Inclusivity
  • Virtual onboarding


  • Doctor consultation
  • Augmented diagnosis
  • Surgery assistance
  • Training simulation

Real estate

  • 3D house tours
  • Home design and decorating apps
  • Creating architectural models


  • Design and engineering
  • Repair and diagnostics
  • Equipment installation
  • Safety training

Media and entertainment

  • Virtual theaters, museums, concerts
  • Gaming
  • VR events
  • Augmented journalism

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