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A journey to business success is impossible without passing through the cybersecurity checkpoint. iTechArt provides stress-free IT audit and information security services focused around identification, analysis, and elimination of the product’s potential risks, as well as its alignment to corporate vision and goals.
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Our security services are the best form of defense

We've alchemized 15 years' worth of security expertise into distinct yet inseparable services to enable the reliability of processes and the entire information system.
Cybersecurity consulting
iTechArt's team performs a comprehensive review of the current security level while advising on ready-to-apply measures for developing a more dynamic and up–to–date strategy.
Application security testing
Available on all platforms, app security testing is aimed at checking the application's source code and its dependencies for vulnerable patterns, coding flaws, and security breaches.
Risk management and compliance
We enhance risk-prioritized controls in terms of detecting compliance gaps and adhering to industry/regional cybersecurity standards and regulations.
Infrastructure security
Our specialists examine the security of networks, cloud, integrations, and dependencies, thus maintaining control of your data, wherever it resides.

Why iTechArt is your cybersecurity ally

We expect the unexpected and embrace the change

Companies across various industries sometimes don't assess the risks that come with the adoption of data-driven policies, emerging technologies, and remote working. Well-versed in most domains, we continuously track relevant market trends, encouraging companies to adapt to changes without changing their direction.

Secure your spot in the risk-free business landscape

A security audit is conducted in line with the latest cybersecurity standards (GDPR, OWASP, HIPAA, etc.), culminating in an in-depth report that lists performed activities and issues classified by severity. To maximize clients' experience, we grant free access to iTechArt's proprietary tools.

Web application security
Safe payment processing
Privacy of health information
Cyber attack risks mitigation
Personal data protection

Security audit packages

Like your own health check-up, audits must happen at least once a year to ensure only positive momentum for all stakeholders. To make it possible, we've already prepared some extended security audit packages that match your company size, goals, and desired outcomes.

Security audit
  • Assess the feasibility of the current security strategy
  • Compliance or specific security requirements (from clients or investors)
  • System was cracked/penetrated
Guaranteed outcomes
The security audit report centered on the findings, prepared within 3-6 weeks.
Security audit and post‑audit assistance
  • Need to define main system vulnerabilities
  • Lack of resources to cover breaches
  • Immediate assistance in bridging security gaps
Guaranteed outcomes
You get the comprehensive security audit report that outlines all system weaknesses. The whole process takes about 3-6 weeks plus some extra time to mitigate vulnerabilities effectively.
Security audit subscription
  • Your system is in the active development stage and there’s a need to keep a high-security bar (industry or business-specific requirements)
  • Need to introduce profound security procedures
Guaranteed outcomes
Your potential benefits include the security audit report, an established security program, and emergency or ongoing support. It's going to take 3-6 weeks for the initial security audit and 1-2 weeks for further checks.

Your security audit roadmap

We embed security into every stage of the software development lifecycle, from the investigation stage through the post-audit period. Be it the existing or to-be-deployed application, we find an effective way to boost your cyber–immunity.
System auditing
Post audit

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