eLearning software development

Our developers build custom eLearning software solutions for both individual learners and any type of institutional organization, ensuring a seamless, innovative, and flexible educational experience.
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Revolutionize education with cutting-edge eLearning solutions

Our adaptive eLearning software development approach is focused on delivering highly customizable eLearning solutions that provide more efficient and productive learning experiences for all users.
eLearning apps
Our eLearning experts deliver fully functional educational apps for any operating system and device, utilizing the full potential of gamification, blended learning, and other trendy yet technologies.
Management software
We craft custom management software to help educational institutions easily manage such day-to-day administrative tasks as fee and staff payroll management, billing, library and inventory management, etc,
Create, update, and manage your educational content safely and efficiently with our user-friendly learning management systems as well as learning content management systems, on-premises or in the cloud.
We develop custom-tailored education portals that empower students and educators to optimize scheduling, facilitate student attendance monitoring, speed up grading, generate performance reports, and give access to a variety of educational resources such as presentations, videos, podcasts, ebooks, etc.
Virtual classrooms
Our customizable virtual classroom software enables students, teachers, tutors, and trainers to collaborate and communicate together easily and efficiently — anywhere, anytime, on any device.
Learning experience platforms (LXP)
iTechArt AI and ML engineers build fully-fledged, personalized Learning Experience Platforms designed to combine content from different internal and external sources and provide smart search and AI-driven learning content recommendations based on the users’ previous choices.

High-quality education solutions for all

Drawing on the strength of our 15 years’ worth of edtech expertise and extensive experience in working with businesses of all sizes, we can help your organization identify, set, and execute your strategic vision and improve market results.

Educational institutions

We help schools, colleges, and universities implement innovative educational software platforms that drive the students’ academic performance, personalize learning materials, and optimize day-to-day operations.

Educational software companies

For edtech startups and digital enterprises alike, iTechArt creates lasting business value with future-proof engineering services and premier access to emerging technologies and the cloud.


Whether you need to improve the existing LMS or create a new corporate training platform from the ground up, we can help. iTechArt performs accurate analysis of your niche needs and specifics to ensure our solution fully corresponds to your requirements and covers key challenges.

Addressing your unique challenges

With over 250 dedicated eLearning professionals, we’re uniquely positioned to deliver all-in-one educational platforms that go in line with your growth stage, business goals, budget, and timeline.

We build innovation-led educational software solutions from the ground up, envisioning and executing your end-to-end transformation at speed and at scale.

iTechArt migrates your legacy eLearning software to a modern architecture that allows for faster deployment of new features, reduced maintenance costs, and enhanced digital capabilities.

We make your existing eLearning solution more agile and efficient through the power of advanced third-party integrations and plugins.

Our eLearning software development services

MVP development

iTechArt creates a minimum viable product with maximum value for your first users. Powering your MVP with core functionality and basic infrastructure, we help you verify your business ideas and market your eLearning product fast and with low risk.

UX/UI Design

Our senior UX/UI experts build responsive and high-converting designs for your applications, making sure they are performing at their finest. We balance out the latest technologies with engaging visuals to deliver a unique customer experience and help users stay engaged with the study and training process.

Software development and testing

Bringing diverse skills across engineering, QA, automation, and DevOps, we provide top-grade software development services to help educational institutions and businesses of all sizes solve their key business and technology challenges.

AR/VR development

We help institutional organizations take advantage of VR and AR solutions to boost engagement, improve educational attainment, and help users gain a vast majority of skills with the help of intelligent simulations and immersive learning scenarios.

AI development

We help you boost productivity and take advantage of robust data analytics and automation with AI-powered solutions. Combining eLearning and artificial intelligence, you’ll be able to deliver accurate teaching techniques, get valuable insights into your students’ performance, and empower them to grow.

Why iTechArt

Vast expertise
With 15 years’ worth of edtech expertise, we create bespoke systems and experiences to help your organization act with speed and confidence, getting — and staying — ahead of the competition.
Enhanced security
We defend your eLearning software against cyberattacks, data leakage, and all sorts of vulnerabilities with proactive, focused, industry-relevant security and compliance practices.
Unrivaled scalability
Our adaptable edtech solutions grow and expand together with your business needs and goals — on time, on budget, on scope.
Maximum accessibility
Addressing all possible technology usage pain points, we make interactions with your software, and services compliant with the proven accessibility standards.

Our A+ tech stack

Using the latest and greatest of available technologies, we help you outpace the competition and adapt to the shifting eLearning environment.

  • AR/VR
  • AI
  • Big Data
  • Machine Learning
  • NLP
  • Python
  • Django
  • ReactJs
  • PostgreSQL
  • Reduce/Redux
  • PostgreSQL
  • Adobe ActionScript
  • C++

How we build innovative eLearning solutions

Following a special “continuous eLearning” framework, we build cutting-edge edtech solutions step by step and in accordance with the best engineering practices — from gathering requirements to launch and refinement.

Prior to the development stage, we gather all necessary requirements to consider possible constraints and modify the architecture of the future educational project in line with the solution objectives, types of learners, content, and your learning strategy.
We gather user, product, and business requirements and turn them into UI/UX design that is user-friendly and intuitive yet mindful of technical constraints.
At this stage, we plan and deliver a foundational technology architecture to maximize scalability, maintainability, and performance.
Our team makes sure your eLearning application doesn’t just ‘work’ but delivers a differentiated, human-centric user experience — without any bugs.
End-user training
We can help you drive service adoption through targeted end-user training, providing detailed instructions and documentation for all the key stakeholders.
Review and maintenance
Upon the launch of the project, our specialists are always ready to provide refinement services and integrate user feedback and emerging business requirements into ongoing updates.
End-user training
Review and maintenance

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