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From pixels to polygons

As a discipline, video game development has a myriad of possibilities when it comes to ideating, designing, and launching a great final product. Our multi-skilled team has all the tools of the trade to deliver a complete game experience into your hands.

Pick any platform. Pick all of them

Be it a multi-platform AAA title or a humble mobile experience, our teams make no distinction when putting on the hard work on a new IP, ports, remakes, remasters, single-player, or MMO: we rock them all the same.

iOS, Android, cross-platform — we’ve built hundreds of apps from the ground up over the past 15 years. In particular, great attention to detail to ensure the best interfaces across devices is our forte.
Steam, Epic Games Store, GoG, Origin — we follow the best practices of game submission and compliance with every major PC platform, including open betas and early access launch support.
PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox One & Series S/X, Nintendo Switch, AirConsole — whether from scratch or as a high-quality port, we get your titles ready and optimized for any of the Big Three console makers, plus others.
Augmented and Virtual Reality
Vive, Oculus, PlayStation VR — We take pride in crafting wholesome, encompassing AR/VR game experiences to put players into that flow state only this platform can provide.

A pair of engines powering
the whole gaming industry

Unity and Unreal reach over 3 billion players worldwide, accounting for more than 70% of market share. Hence why our devs excel at them both.
The go-to choice for mobile and AR titles, Unity is used in over 71% of the top 1000 mobile games. Easy to pick up and simple to use, Unity game developers consider it the best video game engine for prototyping and tweaking.
The muscles behind 2 million+ titles, Unreal thrives on its graphic prowess, particularly realistic 3D assets. As such, this game engine is better geared for AAA games and consoles.

Team compositions that finish every quest

While we employ specialized game development divisions, each with its own goals and focuses, our professionals are savvy and dynamic to support any project, of any department, if the need arises.
Mobile Division
  • Focus: Mobile game development
  • Engine: Unity and Unreal
  • Platforms: iOS/Android
PC/Console Division
  • Focus: AAA/AA PC/console development
  • Engine: Unity and Unreal
  • Platforms: PC, PS4/5, Xbox One/X, Switch, Oculus, Vivo
Art Division
  • Focus: AAA 3D content, animation, cinematics
  • Projects/Platforms: All
QA Division
  • Engine: Unity and Unreal, any custom
  • Projects/Platforms: All

Main development stages and how we do it


  • Creative/Concepting
  • Game scenario
  • Level design


  • Art production
  • Programming
  • Porting/Refactoring


  • Analytics
  • Metrics improvement
  • Game QA

Post-game support

The game isn’t over upon release. To ensure acquisition, engagement, and retention KPIs, we employ a plethora of tools that track and digest player data and maximize potential.


  • Retention
  • Monetization
  • Viral components

Metrics improvement

  • Monthly/daily users
  • Churn rate
  • Cost per install

Game QA

  • Compatibility testing
  • Game multiplayer testing
  • Game load & performance testing

Favorite game genres

First-person shooter

Third-person shooter



Platform RPG

VR action

Match 3

And whichever else you request

Going gold on production

Ideas selected and the way forward defined, we move into asset code production. Porting, refactoring, or any other platform adaptations are also executed.
Our teams know how to brainstorm the ways, tools, and techs that will be used to translate your game vision into a final product
Game Scenario
We have an extensive expertise in developing core scenarios, mechanics, and loops — including monetization strategies — for games of all genres and platforms
Level design
We craft immersion and modeling shapes in a way that keep players engaged till the last level or challenge
Art production
Our game artists craft compelling and hyper-realistic character models, environmental design, and animation in order to bring your vision to life.
iTechArt creates graphic-rich 2D & 3D games for mobile, web, and desktop -- all underpinned by high speed, performance, and profitability
Want your title on multiple platforms? Our devs have plenty of expertise in porting and refactoring games — developed by us or otherwise

Cooperation models

Regardless of the hiring process you choose, our experts are committed to thoughtful dialog, great skills, solid work, and outstanding results.


  • Integrate any amount, from one to dozens, of engineers and 3D artists to your in-house team depending on your needs.
  • Enjoy high productivity levels, better code quality, expert QA, and more.
  • Lower recruiting costs than in-house hires and higher reliability than freelancing.


  • Entrust development to a high percentage of tightly knit mid and senior-level engineers who are used to work in the same team.
  • Have an end-to-end, full development cycle without worrying about replacing key professionals.
  • Rest assured you’ll have your final product at your hands in record time.

We got your backend

Custom solution

Why iTechArt

  • Hand-picked engineers
  • Mature, well-developed education system
  • Low attrition rate of 5.6%
Commitment to dialogue
  • A wide range of flexible models and project scopes
  • Hand-picked engineers in line with your needs
  • Tailor-made solutions for any platform you require
  • High coding standards
  • Deep domain expertise
  • Seamless integration with clients’ workflow
Dynamic engagement model
  • Rapid kick-off and easy scale-up
  • Flexible ramp down
  • No operating costs

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