As an industry-agnostic company, we put an exceptional understanding of technology and business at the center of every project, no matter the industry.

Some of the industries we power

With 1,000+ projects delivered in 15+ years, we can’t think of an industry that we haven’t worked with. Today, we use this enormous knowledge base to bring the hottest technologies and the can-do attitude to startups of all trades. That’s when things like Blockchain, VR and AI stop being buzzwords. We zeroed in on several industries to give you a quick idea on how we can make it work for your product, too.

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Leverage our senior-level talent to enhance your product at all stages. Drop us a line and let us know about your business so we can help you move on.


Tap into our solutions for automated trading, wealth and asset management, decision support, risk and position management, pattern recognition, and more. Join the line-up of our stellar clients, including Stratifi, AlphaFlow, GAIN Capital, City Index, Barchart and Braavo Capital.


Take full advantage of the world’s major platforms from Magento, Oracle, Salesforce and Episerver to deliver world-class ecommerce experiences. Or create custom software to avoid vendor lock-in and satisfy your specific needs. We can also beef up your existing solution with cool new features.


Develop a HIPAA-compliant solution that will boast unmatched user experiences, health data analytics and PHI security, providing benefits for both patients and doctors. Our expertise covers PMS, LIMS, EHR/EMR, mHealth, medical billing, health portals, and more.

Marketing and AdTech

Follow the success of Velocidi, Blis, ListenLoop and other iTechArt clients that have been using emerging technologies to push the limits of digital marketing and advertising. We power the entire campaign lifecycle, including data collection, execution and analytics.

Real Estate

Create real estate and property management software that makes the most of market research tools, mortgage rate trend analytics, ROI and leveraged IRR modeling, amortization analytics, and multi-property comparison dashboards.

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